0.5 billion rubles of pension savings disappeared from bankrupt non-government pension funds

Almost 19,000 insured clients suffered as the result of the elimination of non-government pension funds; who will compensate their losses is unknown. 
As a result of the elimination of NPF suffered almost 19,000 insured customers whose retirement savings were in these funds, he told "Vedomosti" representative of the Pension Fund of Russia Marita Nagoga. The loss of these citizens make up at least 470 million rubles. - It is only a nominal insurance employer contributions to the funded part of pensions, excluding investment income, indicating Nagoga for several years.

If you revoke a license NPF is obliged to transfer to the Pension Fund of Russia of its clients Register for mandatory pension insurance (OPS) and all the money in their accounts. "However, the return process is extremely hard - to date, the FIU returned less than a third of the savings funds of funds, whose license has been revoked," - recognizes Nagoga.

"Payables to FIU ten funds from the canceled license was 660 million rubles. Four of the ten Foundation gave us back 190 million rubles. - Is based on the accumulation of even a small investment income ", - says Nagoga. But at the same time, for example, Ekaterinburg NPF "Family" who lost peopleenziyu summer 2012, returned the money without the registry, and the RPF is no information how to allocate investment income between 25 000 former clients of the fund.

The remaining six NPF did not return the savings to the FIU - is their duty only at face value is 470 million rubles. Savings 19,000 citizens Nagoga points. "And it is a nominal amount of pension savings - investment income from these NPF, as a rule, absent that, in principle, contrary to the very notion of accumulation," - she said.

As a result, she said, will have to compensate for their losses FIU as the insurer to which the transfer of liabilities to the insured following the cancellation of a license from their former insurer - PPF.

The loss compensation procedure law has not yet been spelled out, by what means FIU will reimburse the loss should identify legislators and mega. "Currently, the procedure is to refund the accumulation of citizens lost as a result of the bankruptcy of NPF does not exist", - said the representative of the Service for Financial Markets of Russia Bank (SFRBR), adding that this issue & LAQuo; the FIU must be addressed. "

Now RPF captures the size of the obligations under the lost face value, but in fact there is no money in the accounts, says Nagoga. Formally, the RPF sends them under the management of VEB, listing these bills coming from the new contributions of employers. "There are certainly people FIU shall notify the liquidation of their former insurer, and the status of their accounts. People know that they are now again the insurer is FIU, and may again go to another NPF ", - says Nagoga.

RPF is trying to recover the funds insured by the courts - the first fund has filed suit in the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover from the NPF "professional independence" and NPF "Transstroi" collectively 123 million rubles. "The funds have gone bankrupt and, where the Delhi money - no one is clear, and we just returned liabilities 20 000 people and penniless. We absolutely ...