1.3 billion rubles theft: the ex-head of the Federal Penitentiary Service was convicted in the case of electronic bracelets

According to the investigation, Alexander Raymer received more than 140 million rubles in cash in his office from another participant of the organized criminal group.
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Zamoskvoretsky court in Moscow recognized the former head of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) of Russia Alexander Reymer guilty of embezzling 1.3 billion rubles in the purchase of electronic bracelets. "Reimer committed fraud in a particularly large amount by stealing financial resources from the federal budget, using his official powers, acting for mercenary motives," Interfax quotes the reasoning part of the verdict of Judge Elena Averchenko.

Also, the former deputy head of the FSIN Nikolai Krivolapov and the director of FSUE "Center for Information and Technical Support and Communications of the Federal Penitentiary Service" (CITOS) Viktor Detinenov were also found guilty of fraud when buying electronic bracelets. Krivolapov was also found guilty of illegal acquisition and storage of ammunition.

The punishment for the defendants of the case will be announced later. The prosecutor's office asked to sentence Reimer to nine years in a general-regime colony and a fine of 1 million rubles. Earlier, the court sentenced another accomplice in embezzlement - the general director of the Meta company Nikolay Martynov, who concluded a deal with the investigation, to three years and eight months in a general-regime colony and a fine of 500,000 rubles.

In 2011, 4.5 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget for the introduction of electronic bracelets in 30 regions. In March 2013, the TFR initiated a criminal case under Part 4 of Article 159 (fraud in a particularly large amount) and part 3 of Article 285 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power). In March 2015, all the suspects in the high-profile case were detained.

According to the investigation, Raymer, with the aim of stealing budget funds, created an organized criminal group, which included his deputy Krivolapov, the director of the FSUE CITOS Viktor Detinenov and Nikolai Martynov. In 2010-2012, they abducted from the state treasury budget funds allocated by the Federal Penitentiary Service to provide the department with electronic bracelets. They have developed a criminal scheme that allows the company controlled by it FGUP CITOS, which had state contracts for 3.3 billion rubles, to sell electronic bracelets at inflated prices. At the cost of one stationary control device of 19,000 rubles, the Federal Penitentiary Service purchased it from Meta for 108,000 rubles. To purchase a mobile control device was spent 128 000 rubles.

According to the investigation, more than 140 million rubles in cash Raymer received in his office from Martynov.

Reimer, Krivolapov, and Definenov did not admit their guilt.

Reimer resigned from the post of head of the FSIN in June 2012. He was detained in March 2015.