10 years in prison for self-defense against bandits

The Russian legal system feels threatened by people who resist the criminals.
Russian court, as is known, the most unpredictable court in the world. Can a blind eye to the theft of billionaire, can put a few years for stealing a chicken. And can be sent to prison for 10 years, father and son, only for the fact that they are not allowed to kill themselves and their families.

For the past four years sitting in prison, Alexander and Boris Savchenko. They sit for what gave armed resistance to armed bandits. President of Russian experts called the verdict wrong, the Supreme Court which year gathering dust treatment authorized by the Human Rights Ella Panfilova. But it is clear to the judges for some reason, it is very necessary that the citizens of our country do not dare to resist the criminals, and could not think about how to protect themselves.

A resident of Kolomna Boris Savchenko - the pensioner and veteran labor. Since the mid-1990s, he was involved in a small business - breeding and trade of chickens in rural areas. And once again faced with competition from other family businesses - Reshetkova. And this competition Reshetkova conducted openly criminal methods.

Vitaliy and Denis Reshetkova so directly and saidand: Moscow and Ryazan region - their patrimony to Savchenkova with their chickens there did not appear. The conflict escalated into violent clashes. Savchenkova unknown catch in a dark alley, frightened, beaten. There were nine attacks, including three in 2008, when Alexander broke his jaw, and his father Boris - leg. Savchenko Sr. was injured three times in three criminal cases instituted on the 112th ( "Deliberate causing moderate damage to health") and 116 minutes ( "Beating") of the Criminal Code articles. But not against Reshetkova, and an unidentified group of persons.

"All these cases, law enforcement officers stubbornly did not want to bring to a conclusion, - says Alexander -.. They suspended Prosecutors then canceled these decisions, the investigation resumed, but after some time everything became quiet again. And so over and over again! Prosecutors eventually advised to buy travmatiku and defend itself. "

Eventually Savchenkova so did - bought for two three-traumatic "Wasp" and began to carry them with you. June 5, 2009 Boris Savchenko and his son George have come to the village to trade Divov Piscesray region Ryazan region. There they were attacked by one of Reshetkova threats drove rushed to the "gazelle" and tried, threatened with a knife, pull Savchenkova of the car. The last had to quickly leave the village.

Departing from conflict Savchenkova went to the village of Kostino Rybnovskij area. This is due to the fact that Boris felt ill, drove his wife Lyudmila and a second son, Alexander. According to Lyudmila Savchenkova, her husband and son were beaten Yuri Reshetkova, also came to the village, and she was wounded with a knife.

"Fighting off the attackers, my husband made several shots from a traumatic weapons. The younger son Alexander, fled from the attackers, was a few meters away from the scene and the brawl did not participate, and from it made after the main accused, "- says Lyudmila Savchenkova.

After defensive fire from "travmatiki" Savchenkova immediately called "fast" and the police. Again, the law enforcers behaved strangely. They detained Boris and Alexander Savchenkova. According to the story of Alexander, "in the section of my father andhitched handcuffed to a radiator and threatened with rape, inflicting blows to the groin, required to write a confession, after which we supposedly released. We insisted on being right and refused to sign anything. Later came the news that he died in a car grille "first aid" from the wound to the head. Me, my father and brother have been charged under Article 111 Part 4 of the Criminal Code. "

Once the most humane court in the world has worked well - the judge of the district court Eugene Rybnovskij Guzhov Sachenkovym punched "by desyatochku". Not every killer, tied on the fresh corpse of the victim, gets as much, but it seems that the family Reshetkova were due not only to the police, but in the court.

Leaders of a number of media Ryazan sent an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to take measures to review the case. But the head of state administration of justice persists. Perhaps not the scale - who are, after all, these regional journalists?

Then the case took poglavnee officials. The then Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Ella Pamfilova Payeh to the chairman of the Supreme Court with a request to reconsider the sentence, Boris and Alexander Savchenkova. Again, silence.

Late last year, business Savchenkova considered the expert committee on the precedent cases of the Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights. Conclusion: Court erred in qualifying the crime, and the case requires revision. Professor of Higher School of Economics, Honoured Lawyer of Russia, a federal judge in resignation of Sergei Pashin even wrote in his review that the Court of Ryazan contradicts himself and the facts indicate that intentional injury was not health.

Alas, this is a strange practice prevailing in cases of self-defense in Russia. Whoever tried to stop the attack of criminals - a retired priest, a musician - he will be arrested and imprisoned. Here are a few striking examples:

♦ 65-year-old pensioner from Moscow Nikolai Dorofeev shot buckshot from a gun in the criminal who reprimanded him for beating an elderly man and his disabled neighbor, and then climbed into his garden. Dorofeeva accused of murder, even though mbe killed, according to a pensioner unintentional actions. He faces life in prison.

"♦ The priest Nikolai Kalabukhov with his daughter hurried to the morning service They landed three drunks, a fight broke out Kalabukhov use weapons and wounded two We initiated a criminal case -..." Intentional infliction of serious bodily injury "and" possession of a firearm "The priest admitted guilt, but believes that the right thing The prosecution demanded a sentence of community service for up to 380 hours But the verdict -... a fine of 50 thousand rubles.

"♦ In the Altai region in powerlifting champion of Russia Tatiana Andreeva found guilty of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, povlёkshem death of the victim, and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Tatiana and her lawyer insisted that it was self-defense by the perpetrator.

"♦ Four armed robbers broke into the house (city Bogoroditsk Tula region) businessman Gegham Sargsyan, where in addition he had his wife, daughter, daughter in law and four young grandchildren: two three-year boy and a seven-month babysix year old girl. Raiders beat the family members, demanded money and gold. Fighting off, the owner of a kitchen knife fatally shot three attackers why they died, the fourth escaped. Sargsyan was hospitalized, the rest of the family members of the medical treatment.

The head of the UK said the Tula region about a possible excess of necessary self-defense, it allegedly pointed out the nature of injuries. A criminal case under article "murder of two or more persons", but then stopped.

"♦ The family apartment famous musician Andrew Hirnyk broke a man, armed with a pistol and a knife. He struck multiple gunshot wounds Hirnyk Alla and her two sons. Alla snatched the gun and shot the attacker in a criminal, why he died. Younger son with seven wounds was hospitalized in a helicopter. Both men survived, but for life will remain disabled.

A criminal case under article "murder committed by exceeding the limits of necessary defense."

- Courts often recognize the presence of self-defense, killing or causing povlёkshey vreand health, but almost always point to the excess of its limits, that is, in fact, generally not including the resistance of self-defense. Statistics gives a clear bias towards the prosecution of the defender. And if he had a weapon, it is almost 100% will be found guilty (for weapons - an aggravating circumstance), - the chairman of the party "Rodina", State Duma deputy Alexey Zhuravlev. - Except in rare cases, that may be on the fingers of one hand to count ... You can not limit the scope of defense, if the attack occurs with a weapon, it is absolutely obvious. What could be the limit if you attack with a knife or an ax? And if you get hold of weapons that you own legal, and shot forward, rest assured that you will get a life sentence.

The judges themselves the problem of attacks has long decided - their addresses secret, guarded by their special power service, and show me the judge, who will make a guilty verdict against his former colleagues even. Well, all the other citizens of Russia, and especially - the law-abiding, judges are clearly second-class citizens, nepolnotsenym cattle, all the desire for self-defense from which to beat the most stringent measures.