17 US states demand to declare Barack Obama's immigration amnesty as illegal

Decree of President Obama's amnesty for illegal immigrants has caused strong resistance of his opponents.
Seventeen of the southern US states filed a lawsuit against the immigration reform President Barack Obama in the Federal District Court for the Texas Attorney General's initiative Greg Abbott, reports The New York Times. According to the plaintiffs, Obama has violated the constitution legitimize stay in the country more than 4 million illegal immigrants without the permission of Congress. Unhappy with the states required to block the decree, since the reform will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the country's southern border and in Texas. According to Reuters, in addition to the claim Republicans in Congress are preparing a bill to block reforms if the law is passed, the president would not be able to hire new agents to monitor the execution of the initiative. This is the 31st Attorney General Abbott's lawsuit against the Obama administration since 2009

According to John Hudak from the US Brookings Institution, Republicans fear that Democrats will increase due to the reform of its electoral base. In the elections in 2012. Hispanics made up 10% of the total number of voters, 71% of them voted for Obama, said the expert. According to the Institute of public opinion Gallup, 60% of Hispanicsady to support the Democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. Hudak believes that economic reform is beneficial for the country, so the reason for her criticism is not, "we are talking about the political process." According to the analyst Dustin Buckley, the reform promotes a new wave of illegal immigration, because of this, Texas and other states will have to spend additional funds for control of the south-western border, according to preliminary estimates, it would take $ 1.3 million a week.

According to the independent US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), thanks to immigration reform the US GDP will grow in 2023 by an additional 3.3%, and by 2033 to 5.4%. The number of working-age population will increase by 3.5% by 2020, which will lead to an increase in real wages in the amount of $ 200 per year working age Americans, calculated by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). According to experts in the field of public administration, the adoption of the bill due to the tax increase would reduce by $ 850 billion federal budget deficit by 2035

Lawyers sharply divided in their opinions about how Obama has exceeded its polnomotions or not. "If the president will use executive authority to carry out laws, which he likes, future presidents to unilaterally revise everything from federal criminal law, and ending with taxes", - quotes partner Gibson law firm, Dunn & Crutcher Thomas Dupleix Jr. The New York Times. According to the four lawyers who had previously worked in the immigration agency of the United States, Obama has acted lawfully. There is a possibility that the Republicans will demand impeachment and strengthen propaganda about the fact that the order Obama - infringement of the constitution, says Buckley. According to the Gallup, immigration reform Obama supports 42% of Americans are against it are the 46%, with the majority believes that the president did not have sufficient legal powers to carry out reforms without the consent of Congress.