50% of budget funds allocated for children's recreation were mastered by two travel companies affiliated with each other

50% of the allocated budget funds have mastered the structures, affiliated with the brothers. It is noteworthy that Sergei Gumen previously worked in the administration of the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg.
One third of all competitions announced this year in San-Petersburg for the organization of children's recreation have been won by two travel agencies affiliated with each other, having mastered about 50% of the allocated budget funds for this purpose. At the same time, participation in competitions for the summer camps themselves, which are the direct executors of state orders, proved difficult due to the requirements of the tender documentation.

Summer holidays for socially unprotected children St. Petersburg authorities this year for the first time organized through public procurement. Until now, this sphere of spending the city budget was working around the law "On the contract system ..." (44-FZ). With which summer camps or tourist firms to conclude a contract for the organization of children's recreation, the St. Petersburg Committee for Education defined by "qualification selection", evaluating potential performers on their own criteria. However, last year the St. Petersburg Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (OFAS) conducted an unscheduled inspection of the committee's work and concluded that such a mechanism for selecting contractors is contrary to the law. As stated in the warning issued by the OFAS, issued on the basis of the audit, the committee limited the range of potential contractors: an invitation to participate in the qualification selection was published only on the website of the committee itself only eight days before it began. In addition, as antimonopolschiki established, during the selection procedure, the committee's staff had the opportunity to negotiate with potential contractors, and thus coordinate their actions.

The Committee complied with the requirements of the OFAS: this year companies organizing social children's holiday, each of the district administrations of the city selected through public procurement. In total this year the city has concluded more than 100 contracts totaling about 490 million rubles. At the same time, as follows from the published on the site of state purchases of data, 42 contracts worth more than 230 million rubles went to two tourist companies: "Earth-tour" and "ASI-tour." These companies, according to the USRLE, are linked. 70% of the company "ASI-tour" belongs to the brothers Sergei and Alexander Hummen. The latter is also the sole owner of the company "Earth-tour."

At the same time, Sergei Gumen can be associated with the profile deputy head of the committee on education, whose competence includes the organization of children's recreation, - Andrei Borshchevsky. For several years in the past, they worked together in the administration of the Petrogradsky district, when it was supervised by the current auditor of the Control and Accounts Chamber Konstantin Zheludkov (now he controls, among other things, spending of budget funds in the areas of social policy). Mr. Humen first worked as deputy and then first deputy head of the Petrogradsky district, and Mr. Borshchevsky was first deputy head and then chief of the education department.

Tourist firms, including ASI-Tour and Earth-Tour, took part in the organization of children's recreation for the budget account and earlier, as follows from the minutes of the sessions of the competitive commission of the committee for education for 2016. However, as the source in the children's recreation market informed Kommersant, this year the participation of the summer camps themselves in the competitive procedures was hampered. The majority of district administrations conducted purchases through a competition with limited participation, and as a requirement for potential participants in the tender documentation indicated the experience of providing such services. The experience was to be confirmed by the executed state contracts concluded in accordance with the legislation on the contract system.

However, a significant part of the St. Petersburg children's camps, according to Kommersant's sources on the market, is not possible to confirm their experience with contracts, as this year the Education Committee organized the selection in accordance with the 44-FZ for the first time. Therefore, tourism firms that previously participated in public procurement in other regions received an advantage. Thus, children's camps, not being able to conclude a contract with the city directly, were forced to act as subcontractors, concluding an agreement with travel companies and thus receiving only a portion of the amount allocated from the budget. "The cost of a social permit, which is determined by the city government, is specific points of expenditure: food, lodging, entertainment for children." If, due to the fact that a part of the money allocated for a voucher settles at a travel agency, I get less, then what should I do? under-feed children, or not to take a trip, "said the owner of one of the children's camps.

The education committee explained to Kommersant that the condition for the existence of previously executed contracts was dictated by the requirements of the government resolution of 04.02.2015 N 99. It requires special demands on performers of complex or specialized services. So, the resolution says that the mandatory condition for participation in the competition for the organization of children's recreation is the existence of a previously confirmed contract of experience.