A businessman suspected of disobeying the London court

Pavel Skurikhin faces the prosecution in the UK.

As the "Kommersant", the Russian businessman, founder and beneficiary of SAHO Group of Companies Pavel Skurikhin can be prosecuted in Britain for contempt of court. He ignored the requirement to disclose their assets around the world and was not at the meeting. They took place in the High Court of London, under the claim of a Russian bank VTB, which the businessman owed about 1.8 billion rubles. Earlier, the English Court has repeatedly kept saying foreign entrepreneurs to imprisonment for not obeying orders issued to them.

As the "Kommersant" has on June 12 in London's High Court of Justice held a meeting at the request of the Russian VTB Bank to freeze the assets of Paul Skurikhina and disclosure in respect of its assets worldwide. The businessman has not appeared. Moreover, the same day the lawyers of the company Fried Frank, previously representing his interests, issued a statement that they go out of business. The reason was the failure to pay them money for services already rendered.

As a result, VTB lawsuit was satisfied, and the English court issued a warrant (officially he IMEuetsya order) prohibiting Mr Skurikhina any operations with its assets worth up to £ 25 million for all countries except Russia, Belarus, China and Cuba. The list includes foreign real estate businessman, its shares and loans in British and Swiss firms, trusts in Liechtenstein and Nevis and assets in a number of Italian companies, including his wife owned a beauty salon in Bologna and the Italian production of mini-bakeries.

Since neither of the Paul Skurikhina nor his representatives in court was not corresponding to the order it is still June 13 was sent to the personal e-mail. The deadline for submitting a written report on the assets worth more than £ 15 thousand. was limited to 7 July. Until the same date, it was necessary to compensate for the costs of lawyers VTB to £ 23 thousand. None of this was not done. It should be noted that before Mr. Skurihin not executed orders of the London court. And theoretically, the Russian businessman has the opportunity to continue the lawsuit in court, but is required to pay the debt for the appeal.

Since until July 10, the last date explanations in a London court, Gospaone Skurihin it did not appear to be a real threat of criminal prosecution for contempt of justice for him. VTB has already submitted an application to the court for the beginning of the procedure. Such precedents have already been. One of the most famous was the sentenced in absentia former head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov, who was in a similar situation 22 months in prison.

The press service of VTB "Kommersant" said that satisfied with the decision of the High Court of London, which recognized previously meted out to Paul Skurikhina solutions Omsk urban and regional courts.

"At the moment VTB does not see by SAHO and Mr Skurikhina desire for dialogue and action aimed at paying off debt", - explained in the credit institution. So, as they say representatives of the bank, they will continue to lawsuits for the return of the debt in full. Mister Skurihin declined to comment.

As told "Kommersant", VTB debt collection process started by an English court in February this year. A number of companies within the groupSAHO have received loans worth more than 1.4 billion rubles. VTB in 2007-2009. The money was to go to the development of one of the largest agricultural holdings, but in July 2010 the company ceased to serve its debts to VTB. Loans were provided including a personal guarantee of the founder and the beneficiary group SAHO Pavel Skurikhina companies.

Winning claims to the owner in the Omsk ships to collect the debt from the guarantor to the Russian VTB could not, because his assets were abroad. Then the bank's lawyers and decided to again appeal to the High Court in London to claim for recognition and enforcement in the United Kingdom Russian court decisions.

Between Russia and the United Kingdom do not have a legal cooperation agreement, but because the country is constantly denied friend to extradite the accused. But in the field of arbitration and execution of court decisions relations are improving gradually. So, in the VTB Bank and Paul Skurikhina claims were supported by the court, even though the amount claimed has been reduced slightly, as the judge questioned the figure declared forfeit. Interviewees "Y", experts believe that in this way created another & quot; a good precedent "that would allow the courts of the two countries to recognize and execute decisions based on the principle of reciprocity.

According to "Kommersant", now under consideration in the amount of 622 million rubles. is only the first step, because, according to some estimates, taking into account the accrued interest and penalties Mr. Skurikhina total debt to VTB may reach 3 billion rubles.