A companion of spy Karina Turcan Evgenia Voronova escaped from Inter RAO

Head of the department of the block of trading "Inter RAO" Evgenia Voronova hastily resigned from the company after the arrest of her boss - accused of spying for Romania, Karina Turcan. Voronova is the daughter of Oleg Deripaska, a long-time associate of Vladimir Kiryukhin, who dealt with government agencies at En + Group.
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After the arrest of the top manager of Inter RAO, Karina Turcan, one of her subordinates - head of the department of methodology of trading activities and interaction with authorities - Yevgenia Voronova resigned from the company, the secretary of the company's call center and an interlocutor close to Inter RAO told RBC.

"She does not work for us anymore, she resigned," said the employee of the Inter RAO county center in response to a request to join Yevgenia Vladimirovna Voronova on July 19. Later another secretary confirmed that there was no such employee in the company. The interlocutor, close to Inter RAO, also reported the dismissal of Voronova, but the date of her departure did not specify.

Evgenia Voronova went abroad the day after the arrest of Turcan - on June 16, formally she is on vacation, RBC's interlocutor, close to the government, told RBC. At the beginning of July, Voronova was on an indefinite leave from June 1, confirms her acquaintance. "Zhenya went somewhere, apparently because of the scandal with Turcan," - another RBC acquaintance, who is familiar with Voronova, knows. Evgenia's car - the yellow Porsche Boxster - has not been seen in the office of Inter RAO for a very long time, states the third acquaintance of the ex-employee of Inter RAO.

Voronova stopped writing on Facebook - her last post is dated June 13. "Eugene is a very open and sociable person, and before that she wrote posts on Facebook almost every day or several times a day," says one of her acquaintances (this is confirmed by a tape of publications).

Voronova is the daughter of Vladimir Kiryukhin, a well-known power engineer in the industry, who for many years headed "Eurosibenergo" and "En + Development" Oleg Deripaska. Kommersant called Kiryukhin a long-time associate of a businessman. In 2012, his daughter married, taking the name of her husband - Voronov, follows from her records on Facebook. This was confirmed by two of her friends.

Evgenia came to Inter RAO in 2010 in the legal work of Alexander Pakhomov, but quickly moved to Tsurkan, recalls two of her acquaintances. Already in 2012, she headed the department of methodology of trading activities and interaction with the authorities of the trading block, which prior to arrest supervised Turcan. Together with the former head Voronova since 2012 was part of the Committee on Electric Power Engineering at the board of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The representative of Inter RAO refused to comment. Direct contact with Voronova and find out the reason for her departure from the company failed - the phone was "temporarily blocked." Vladimir Kiryukhin declined to comment, RBC's representative said. The representative of the FSB, who is conducting the Tsurkan case, did not respond to RBC's request.

The top manager of Inter RAO Turcan was arrested on June 15 on suspicion of spying for Romania, on June 28 the Moscow City Court, on the basis of the appeal's appeal, left her in custody until August 13. The accused has two passports - Russian and Romanian.

According to Tsurkan's lawyer Ivan Pavlova, according to the case materials, she was recruited by the Moldovan special services in August 2004, in April 2015 she received an electronic version of the "draft Energy Ministry document on certain aspects of the actions of Russian energy companies on the international cooperation channel", and on September 29 2015 passed this document to the special services of Moldova.

In "Inter RAO" Turcan headed the block of trading, that is, she oversaw the export and import of electricity. Sources RBC pointed out that Turcan also reported on the supply of electricity to the Crimea and the unrecognized republics of Donbass. "From the SVR came the information that someone is pouring information to a member of NATO of Romania, for which the US can stand. It was political information about who is working with us in Ukraine, in the People's Republic of China, in the Crimea and other regions where we supply electricity: who is cooperating, who refuses, with whom we talk at all, what problems are there, what schemes, " one of the interlocutors of RBC.

Turcan charges denied. She believes that the case "was instituted in connection with the fact that because of her principled integrity she was simply dismissed from her post," Pavlov told journalists.