A holding for a crony

Marat Khusnullin invited the "Mercedes" seller to develop Moscow.
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Moscow has got its own big development holding company, which plans - to take a 5-7% construction market in Moscow. Manages holding Suniev Albert, 35-year-old entrepreneur from Kazan, head of the Moscow construction complex countryman Marat Khusnullin.

As has found out "Co", the business capital of the holding's top management is closely tied to state contracts. In particular, Albert Suniev sells and maintains the "Mercedes", which drives the leadership of two republics - Tatarstan and Mari El - as well as building engineering systems at home. Experience managing large-scale development projects had not.

holding Birth

The company "Management of experimental development districts" (ETN) was set up in 1994 under Mayor Yuri Luzhkov to implement non-standard experimental projects. During the existence of "ETN" has built more than 1.5 million square feet. meters of housing, schools, kindergartens, sports centers, offices, 5 ski slopes, 500 000 parking spaces in the parking garage. Completed projects ETN - it's residential areas, "Blue Bird" (which was first. Built solid houses), "New Olympic Village" (an example of integrated development), LCD "Peak of the World" in the fitter side street with a roof garden, Kurkino district, etc. ETN worked not only in Moscow - the company participated in the construction of the Memorial Complex in Dushanbe , built in Murmansk, Volgodonsk, Elista.

Until 2014 ETN was one of the city's structures, erecting housing, but the scale of its operations were not particularly large: the company's revenue last year amounted to 421 million rubles. - For the construction company is not so much. At the same time the city has other similar building organizations, such as SUE "URiRUO" - "Office for reconstruction and development of unique objects", JSC "Center-Invest", "Center City". However, in 2014 a development holding company was formed under the control of ETN, which includes JSC "Center-Invest", two design institute OAO "Mosproekt 4" and JSC "SAG" - "Institute Mosproektstroyindustriya" and JSC "Mosrealstroy" (sold properties). All these companies are managed by ETN three years.

At the very ETN portfolio of projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate more than 0.5 million square feet. M. The largest project of the company - a house on Prospect Michurinskom total area of ​​480 thousand square meters. m. In addition, over the past 12 months of "ETN" received government contracts is 6.7 billion rubles. housing construction, mainly on state enterprise of Moscow "Civil Engineering Office" (KP "CSA"), headed by Damir Gazizova, another member of the team Husnullina (about Damir Gazizova see. "His people a hundred billion", "Co." №8 from 09.03.2015). The area could not figure out these contracts - did not respond to the ETN and the department of urban planning policy questions "Co". According to Philip Tretyakov, managing partner of the Association of REPA estate market professionals, we can talk about the construction of about 134,000 square meters. m - without counting the cost of the land. But this is only the beginning: the city is interested in the fact that they established real estate development holding company grew and developed.

What made the holding

Although the management structure of the new holding company acts as ETN, its venomRum is JSC "Center-Invest" - it has the largest portfolio of development projects with a volume of 1 million square meters. m. The company was established in 2010 on the basis of SUE "Moscow City Center real estate sales", founded in 1998 for the implementation of development projects commissioned by the government of Moscow. To date, the "Center-Invest" held a reconstruction of two neighborhoods of the city: md. 4-5 Izmailovo District (HLW) and block 18 Lomonosov district (South-West). Part of the apartments was a waiting list and relocation of the center of Moscow. In 2014, the company's revenue has grown more than 100 times - to 23.4 million rubles. up to 2.5 billion rubles. Hundredfold increase was due to the fact that the "Center-Invest" has been ceded to a number of projects with a total area of ​​about 1 million square feet. m, initiated but not completed by various investors in the 2000s. The largest of them, the total area of ​​490 000 square meters. m - neighborhoods of the 1st and 2nd district, Left Bank in the north of the capital on the site of the demolished five-story building. In some cases, investors have been forced to abandon the project because they were not designed to land Rosreestra (this is, for example, happened with the project MFC Kurskoy area) or portions have been formed. According to the head "Moskomstrojinvesta" Konstantin Timofeev, as a result of this assignment were taken judicial claims of investors to the city in the amount of 39 billion rubles. However, he clarified "Co", which is currently the volume of construction carried out by the holding company "ETN", is about 242,000 square meters in the department of urban planning policy. m, including 123,000 sq. m - the volume of construction of "experimental building management", 101 000 sq m. m - the volume of construction of JSC "Center-Invest".

Upon receipt of such a large portfolio of projects the financial position of "Center-Invest" has changed dramatically. If in 2013 the company had a loss of 203 million rbl., That already in 2015 the company is waiting for profits to 4.58 billion rubles., And in just three years (from 2015 till 2017) Joint Stock Company plans to receive about 22 billion rubles. arrived. As a result, according to the report "Center-Invest" for 2014, the share of companies in the construction market of Moscow will increase to 5-7%. A comparable proportion, according to the "Best building", today there are such famous companies as "Captal groups "," Don Story Invest "," Mosfundamentstroy-6 "," Capital », MR Group. In "Don Story Invest", for example, the current portfolio of projects - more than 1.32 million square meters. m, and revenue in 2014 amounted to 34.4 billion rubles.

The generated holding two design institutes and one realtor structure, all former GUPy "Mosproject-4", "Institute of Mosproektstroyindustriya", "Mosrealstroy". "Mosproekt 4" became a joint stock company in 2014. This is the oldest design institute wrote in his first annual report, that "the satisfaction of its orders from consumers average and below average, and the average age of employees - 52 year". At the same time the competition "Mosproekt 4" called "pocket workshops", which create private development companies, "their goal - to reduce the cost of construction at any cost." The share of these "workshops" at the design market reaches 50-70%. The "Mosproekt 4" gets landmark capital projects, as in the past, the company has designed a new museum complex for the State Tretyakov Gallery on Kadashevskaya embankment, a hundred footballion on the 3rd Peschanaya Street, Central Stadium in Sochi, and others.

JSC "Mosrealstroy" selling housing. For this purpose, the company received a state contract for 914 million rubles., Mainly from the "Civil Engineering Department." This additional amount of square meters of real estate, which will sell "Mosrealstroy" besides being build ETN and "Center-Invest". Recalls Philip Tretyakov, "Mosrealstroy" participated in the first in Russia online-sale housing - «Black Friday», Black Friday Real Estate in July this year with its LCD "White fleet" (Left Bank area of ​​23 400 sq m.). While the government of the Moscow region have criticized this action and threatened the participants of checks, "which try to sell apartments at a large discount."

Business Alberta Sunieva

Pay attention to the identity of the new head of the construction team Sunieva Alberta. At home, in Kazan, he has a business and it is based on public contracts. According to the data service "Kontur-Focus", Sunievu owns a controlling stake (80.1%) Kazan car dealer Mercedes-Benz LLC "MB-Irbis" (19.9% ​​in prdpravleniya AKIBANK Ildar Galyautdinova) and the company "Gazspetsproekt". The company "MB-Irbis" opened her salon in May 2013, when Suniev already led state of "ETN". For six months of the dealership's revenue amounted to RUB 544.9 million. The plans - to sell about 800 cars a year. In 2014, the best in the history of sales of "Mercedes" in Russia, when it sold 50,000 cars of this brand, "MB-Irbis" sold, according to their own figures, more than 500 vehicles. In the summer of 2015 "MB-Irbis" opened a second salon on the Mercedes-Benz sales. The company not only sells cars, but also receives state contracts for their service. During 2.5 years of car dealer received state contracts for 1.3 million rubles. Under these contracts, "MB-Irbis" carries out maintenance and repair of Mercedes MBU "Economic-transport management" (HTU) and Kazan carpool Government of Mari El - that is, the company serves Sunieva machines used by the leadership of two republics.

Recall, Mari El - the same republic, Acting Governor Leonid Markelov, which promised the villagersShamshurga dig the road, offended by their critical cues during the opening of obstetric points.

By the way, these luxury cars, which go Tatarstan ministers, indifferent and Marat Khusnullin family: his wife Lily - Mercedes CLS 350, and he showed her just in 2013, when opened salon "MB-Irbis" Albert Sunieva (see Khusnullin of Lilies. "The earth and clay", "Co." №15 from 21.04.2014). Curiously, the first Motor Show Mercedes-Benz «MB-Irbis" was trying to close the court at the suit of the republican prosecutor's office: it turned out that the building autofocus does not have permission to enter into operation, but the conflict was soon exhausted, and the salon continues to run.

Another company Albert Sunieva "Gazspetsproekt" was able to get state orders worth a total of RUB 132.3 million., The main customer is the "Management of capital construction of engineering networks and the development of energy-saving technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan" (JSC "UMS"). "Gazspetsproekt" building drainage systems, water treatment plants, gas pipelines and other objects of engineering infrastructure for onkazoo UKS. Interestingly, the wife of Marat Husnullina business partners, too, have an interest in the system of water supply and water treatment, they received the assets of the liquidated Kazan WATERchANNELSERVicE (see. "The earth and clay", "Co." №15 from 21.04.2014). A game management Mrs Khusnullin "Kama Beach" (Lilia Khusnullin - 50% of OOO "Kama coast", according to the "Circuit-Focus" service) manages the JSC "Economic-consulting group" in June this year, which owns 25% in enterprises of the former Kazan WATERchANNELSERVicE (JSC "ZVKS", JSC "VKST" and JSC "VCS-Service").

Is there a conflict of interest that the director general of state-owned company is a businessman and receives government contracts? Alexander Bazhenov, a lawyer law firm "Nektorov, Saveliev and Partners" says: "Being the CEO of the company and at the same time be the owner of another business - this is legitimate as a general rule. Who with the founder of the company, it is not important as a general rule. Civil servants such director, probably it is not, and is not subject to appropriateetsialnoe regulation. A conflict of interest may arise if the CEO is to make deals on behalf of the company with his same now in Kazan. "

On the way to Hong Kong

So today ETN as the management company controls four other significant participants in the construction market. However, apparently, arose a group of companies led by the ETN itself is to become part of the government formed by the Moscow construction superholding led by JSC "Mosinzhproekt".

"Mosinzhproekt" (revenues in 2014 -. 84.4 billion rubles) two years ago from the municipal design institute, specializing mainly in the design of engineering systems, has become a giant corporation with a budget. The Institute received 0.5 trillion rubles. for the design and construction of the subway and roads. The post of the general director of "Mosinzhproekt" has been assigned to another old friend of Marat Husnullina Konstantin Matveev, the former head of "Neftegasengineering", a company formed for the construction of an oil refinery "TANECO" in Nizhnekamsk (see. "By" №34 from 09.16.2013). PWhen this "Mosinzhproekt" did not build the subway and roads, its role is to design, tehzakazu and distribution of money for the construction of these facilities. In-house construction works were carried out by only 3.51% of the total work. And in 2015 "Mosinzhproekt" gets the property of another and JSC "Center-Invest". Moreover, the FAS has agreed to the introduction of capital "Mosinzhproekt" and ETN Sunieva Alberta, and all companies cast under his control, and "Mosproject-3", and OAO "MNIITEP".

In the spring of 2014, Marat Khusnullin said that all these actors development holding - yesterday GUPy - were transformed into JSC to hold IPO «Mosinzhproekt" perhaps on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2-3 years. However, the timing of the IPO «Mosinzhproekt" will certainly shifted, the company is not under IFRS, and it is necessary to prepare for three consecutive years before going public, as did other Russian development companies. CEO Albert Suniev ETN is currently a member of the Board of Directors' Mosinzhproekt ". Alexei Shepel, ownedpepper companies S.Holding, doubts that the former state unitary enterprises can make the market structure and quickly carry out IPO: «But for an investor to participate in projects ETN would be interesting, provided the final documentation. Revenue in such a partnership is generally divided as follows: 70% - the investor, 30% - in the city. And almost all of this revenue will remain "Mosrealstroe".

It is worth noting that real estate development holding company managed by ETN is similar to building a giant "Tatstroy" which, when Marat Khusnullin was Minister of Construction and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan, built on 200 000 sq. meters of housing per year, and held 10% of the construction market of Kazan. It looks like the fact that all its resources and liabilities - site, money, building permits, etc. - are provided by the state, and control - in the hands of people from the circle of the ex-minister. But "Tatstroy" was bankrupt, once Khusnullin went to Moscow to head the Moscow construction complex. And the assets remaining after the bankruptcy "Tatstroya" appeared at Lily Khusnullin business partners (see. "By" №34 from 17.09.2012).