A monopoly seller of tea and cigarettes enriched the Saratov prisoners

In the field of view of the Saratov OFAS there were shops in the Saratov correctional colonies and a company connected with the case of embezzlement at a cannery of the Federal Penitentiary Service.
The complaint of the prosecutor's office at FSUE "Promservis" of the FSIN of the Russian Federation was submitted to the antimonopoly service in the fall of 2017. Attention of regulatory authorities attracted IR-4, located near Pugachev: in the store at this colony prices for goods were inflated.

Trade in correctional colonies is a complex process. For prisoners, there are a number of stringent restrictions, such as a ban on the purchase of sugar or cigarettes with a filter. In the course of the check, conducted by the OFAS itself, it was found out that the goods for barbed wire fall in a very strange way.

In the Saratov region, registered in Moscow "Promservisa" has 19 stores in 16 colonies. And the partner is the Engels LLC "Agromix", with whom the commission agreement was concluded.

As found out by the OFAS, Agromix supplied goods and other goods for sale to stores in the colonies. "Promservice", as a commission agent, conducted trade, receiving from "Agromix" a reward - 15% of the amount of goods sold during the month, including VAT.

In the contract, prices for which the goods are sold are prescribed. Also in the contract it is indicated that if Promservis sold some goods at a price higher than the selling price of the committent, then he can write a surcharge to his account as an additional benefit. Under these conditions, it becomes clear where the overpriced price came from, which the prosecutor's office wrote about.

As concluded by the Saratov OFAS, the seller and the supplier of food products to trade networks to conclude a commission agreement on such terms as did "Promservis" with "Agromix" is prohibited.
At the same time a whole series of interesting details surfaced during the trial: the goods in the colonies were sold without cash equipment, although by cashless settlement. With this in mind, Promservice tried to prove to OFAS that the activity of "behind bars" format stores does not fall under the concept of trading.

But antimonopolschiki have established that the colonies are not just shops, but trading networks under the trademarks "Rusli" and "Monomakh." The owner of these signs also discovered a certain "Informika" LLC, which granted "Promservis" the right to use them.

Special attention in this case deserves the business partner of "Promservisa" - the company "Agromix". Not so long ago, this company lit up in the case of ex-director of the FSUE "Cannery factory FSIN RF" Pavel Belikova. According to the investigation, this is one of those companies through which the defendant withdrew large amounts from his enterprise under the guise of paying state contracts.

So it or not, the court will decide. But from open sources it can be seen that the "Fishery Factory" in 2015 was the main customer of "Agromix". The total amount of 16 contracts that the company entered into with the company is 57.5 million rubles. On the Goszatrat portal these contracts are listed: Agromix actively supplied the plant with carrots, potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes, the average amount of one contract was 4-4.5 million rubles.

Against the backdrop of these intricate trade relations, the financial result of the FSUE "Promservis" itself is surprising. While prisoners can buy goods only for 3 thousand rubles a month, the revenue of the organization in 2016 gave an amazing leap - from 117 million to 484 million rubles at 34.9 million rubles in net profit!
- It is unlikely that such amounts of revenue can be obtained on tea and tobacco - the usual assortment of such stores, "explained" BV "an expert familiar with the situation in correctional institutions. - The choice of goods there is very poor and the prisoners have the right to purchase them not every day. It is not ruled out that the stores bought only food for the needs of the colony itself. There are no reports and cash registers, so that it was easy to avoid the requirements of the procurement law. And at the same time and to disperse the volume of the commission received by FSUE "Promservis".

According to the expert, Agromix and its links with correctional institutions attracted the attention of the prosecutor's office and OFAS not by chance. Most likely, to study their trade department took it within the framework of the case of Pavel Belikov, from which stretch the thread to the top, to the federal leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service. In this case, checking the commercial "Promservis" may be just the beginning of new high-profile investigations.

Help "BV". OOO Agromix was registered in Engels in 2012 by Roman Murugov with an authorized capital of 11 thousand rubles and the main activity is the wholesale trade in fruits and vegetables. Now the main customers of the company with which municipal contracts are concluded are the kindergartens of Engels district. In 2016, the financial result of "Agromix" was 191.5 million rubles in revenue and 2.3 million rubles in net profit.