A random launch of a rocket will cost two crimean military 31 million rubles

The launch of a guided missile in the hangar cost no casualties, but when tested on the ground.
As it became known to Kommersant, 31 million rubles. will have to be paid in response to a lawsuit of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to two servicemen who accidentally launched an X-29TD guided missile in the hangar of their unit at the airport in Saki (Crimea). Fortunately, during the incident there were no casualties and serious damage, but two rockets were destroyed and the complex with which they were checked was damaged.

The Crimean garrison military court partially upheld the lawsuit filed by the Russian Ministry of Defense against Nikolai Zverev and Alexei Chebanov, to recover the amount of damage caused by their actions to the state. According to the verdict of the same court, the military, as Kommersant reported, was found guilty of violating the rules for handling weapons that pose an increased danger to others (part 1 of article 349 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The garrison court imposed a limitation on military service to Aleksey Chebanov for one year and three months, during which he could not be promoted and held military rank, withholding 15% of his monetary allowance to state revenue, and to Nikolai Zverev - a year of restriction with payment 10%.

The investigation and the court established that on October 1, 2017, the aviation unit technicians, using the Oka complex, monitored the technical condition of aviation guided weapons, including two X-29TD missiles, with which the Su-30SM heavy multi-role fighter had previously flown . Having violated the work schedule, the military did not check the serviceability of the check mechanisms of one X-29TD. As a result, when the current was applied, the squibs fired, and an air-to-surface class air missile, with a length of about 4 m and a weight of about 700 kg (of which 100 kg is explosive), went flying. Fortunately, he was short-lived and dispensed with an explosion.

The missile demolished the gate and part of the wall of the hangar, destroying various equipment and another X-29TD along the way.
The cost of each of the missiles, which had to be written off, was determined by experts at 18 million 459 thousand rubles, Oka and other destroyed equipment were estimated at another 9.5 million rubles. Thus, a lawsuit was filed against convicted servicemen based on the results of the criminal proceedings for 46 million 571 thousand 266 rubles.

The plaintiff's arguments, set out in the statement of claim, on the destruction of the Oka complex for the preparation of aviation-guided weapons and the recovery of its full cost from the defendants in the amount of 6.1 million rubles. the court declared insolvent, because, according to the conclusion of the judicial accounting examination, the equipment turned out to be operational - it only had a dented case. Repair of the device in the end cost 912.7 thousand rubles. Other equipment, estimated at 3.4 million rubles, as it turned out in court, has been in operation for over 20 years and its residual value was 2.7 million rubles.

Thus, the military court reduced the damage to 40.6 million rubles, of which most of them were missiles.

The defendants, in turn, argued that aviation weapons, given the date of their release, should cost much less than 18.5 million rubles. However, the military court found the reduction in their cost unreasonable, since, according to experts, the price of missiles, as well as other ammunition, remains unchanged until they are written off. Given that during the preliminary investigation the accused paid 3 thousand rubles each. as compensation, the damage caused by each of them amounted to 20 million 315 thousand rubles. Having noted mitigating circumstances of the defendants, including causing harm by negligence, the court reduced the recovery from Mr Zverev to 15 million rubles, and from Mr Chebanov to 16 million rubles. In addition, they must pay 60 thousand rubles to the budget of Simferopol. state duties. Naturally, the military does not have such large sums, and they will be paid according to claims for many decades.

It should be noted that penalties from missile launchers did not become a record for the Ministry of Defense. So, this year the Moscow Garrison Military Court granted the claim of the military department in the amount of 597.5 million rubles. retired Colonel Oleg Guzenko, who previously served in the General Staff, and former head of the 853rd military mission, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Chikin, sentenced to probation for abuse of power with serious consequences (part 3 of article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The officers took part in ordering and paying for a complex of laser imitation weapons for shooting and destruction, which, due to sanctions, was never delivered to the Russian Ministry of Defense from Germany.

Colonel Vitaly Martynov, former commander of the military unit operating the Russian radar station of the Volga missile warning system in Belarus, is considered to be another record holder in terms of the penalty imposed on him by the court. The 3rd District Military Court upheld the lawsuit of the Ministry of Defense for 201.5 million rubles. For this amount, the military signed acts on the allegedly completed repair and construction work to the representatives of OAO Slavyanka.