Abramovich's angel: how Igor Ryabenky manages the money of millionaires

Igor Ryabenky actively invests the money belonging to millionaires, including Roman Abramovich. The investments include dozens of Israeli and American companies.
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Listening as CEO ELecs promises that soon employees will dangle from New York to Paris, from both Kuzminok on Taganka, Software Engineer Igor Ryaben'kii asked the neighbors if he Ostap Bender they seem. It was the end of the 1980s, Ryaben'kii worked in the design office, which was engaged in the robots for offshore exploration in Murmansk. The next day, he successfully passed the interview at the "Bender", and it turned out that he drew very real prospect. Ryaben'kii headed ELecs branch office in Murmansk, and then all of the north-west division. The company sold computers made software projects for corporate clients, as well as invested in IT-projects of local developers, these solutions fall into line ELecs products. Ryaben'kii team receives 15% of the profits in projects that are conducted.

After another increase Ryaben'kii went to open ELecs units worldwide - in Hungary, Norway, Finland, China, Singapore and Taiwan. In Asia screwdriver assembly of computers was launched, printers and notebooks, the production of floppy disks, ELecs became the world's largest saTzom calculators. For four and a half years of work Ryaben'kii not only learned several languages, but got 10% of the company. Then he managed to hold a management buy out (MBO) of all its managed business units, of which in 1993 formed the group UNIT. The company was estimated at $ 10 million, and its annual turnover was $ 30 million.

In addition to the UNIT computers began to engage the supply of household appliances for kitchen and offices from Asia and Europe, the margin reached 50%. Among the clients of Ryaben'kii were, in particular, the "Party" and "M.Video". But despite considerable margin, the crisis of 1998 crippled this direction - Western banks began to close the financing of own funds not enough. UNIT place in the market of household appliances took new players, including former dealers - Company Vitek, Bork and Scarlett.

But the shot of his investment in the company Parallel Graphics, one of the pioneers of virtual reality and computer simulation.

Until 1998 it was part of Silicon Graphics. During the MBO, on which it spent about $ 1.5 million, the owners became the founder Stepan Pachikov (creator cloudy withrvisa Evernote) and his brother George. Ryaben'kii assisted in the transaction George. He is still a shareholder of the company, but now it has a different scale - recently the company has invested Siemens.

Believing in new technologies in 1999 Ryaben'kii decided to conquer America and went to New York to untwist the startup UnitSpace. The idea was to provide services for electronic interaction between governments and companies (SaaS equivalent). "I did not understand that vpryagsya games with Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and SAP», - says Ryaben'kii. He has invested in UnitSpace all available assets, but made a mistake with the choice of partner companies. In addition, in 2001, the company was unable to raise finance in the conditions of the dotcom crisis and went into the niche services based on its own technology. According Ryaben'kii, income from UnitSpace was comparable with dividends from investments in companies where it is not involved in daily management.

Apart from Parallel Graphics Ryaben'kii in 1994 it invested in the system integrator BCC Group. Embedded in it are several tens of thousands of dollars in sales in 2009 turned into millions. In the same year sold Ryaben'kii Nebolisecond package of European companies BGS Smartcard Systems, which sells electronic cards to banks, a major US company in the field of payment systems Net1 for $ 200 million.

Realizing that startups can make good money, Ryaben'kii sold UnitSpace management and become business angels - private venture investor. In 2011, through his company Altair Capital he invested $ 600,000 in the project "Your tutor" former employee UnitSpace Egor Rudi. The project has grown into a major online platform for the selection of private specialists Profi.ru. Rudy subsequently led to Ryaben'kii Ainura Abdulnasyrova founder LinguaLeo service with which Altair has closed a deal to buy 10% in late 2010 for $ 200 000. The number of users increased from 0.5 million to 9.5 million, LinguaLeo price rose to $ 10 million. Upon entering into the taste, Ryaben'kii alone invested an additional 15 projects in the IT and Internet.

In 2012, he developed partners - via Facebook, he met future co-investors of the first fund Altair.VC. They have become the owner of Game Insight Igor Matzanyuk and co-founder Michael Vinchel Mail Group. Both have earned hundreds of millions of dollars to Mail Group shares. During the 2.5 years spent on Altair.VCKolo 50 transactions, investing more than $ 15 million. Among the investments online store Travelata tours, "Onlaynbilet.rf" ticket search engine, mobile advertising agency I-Vengo, Tuning verification Product-Test product quality, loyalty program operator SailPlay, aggregator deliveries CheckOut , a company in the field of advertising GetIntent, Alytics, Hi-Conversion. On average, Altair invested in a startup for $ 100 000-200 000 in exchange for a 10-25% stake.

Among the investments dozens of Israeli and American companies. Interest in investing in Israel came after the 2013 Ryaben'kii invested in several local startups. He is very pleased with the local projects - their founders are fluent in English, versed in management and rely on specific niches. "The Israeli Ruble" - a respectable area of ​​Herzliya near Tel Aviv - became his second home. "Mectnye projects are designed either to the US market, or the market of Southeast Asia, or the world market", - explains Ryaben'kii.

His choice paid off and allowed the interest of new investors. In the summer of 2014 gathered Ryaben'kii Altair Seed Fund fund worth $ 30 million and brought toedny size of one investment to $ 300 000-500 000. One-third of funds allocated Millhouse Roman Abramovich. With a member of the Forbes list Ryaben'kii introduced team - at the end of the 1990s it made a site for "Sibneft" web-studio. "The novel is very global thinking, curious, he is interested in the new breakthrough technologies", - says Ryaben'kii a billionaire.

Chapter Altair vengeance invests Millhouse owner. Among the new investments - «Uber killer» Juno, which is founded by former managers messenger Viber. The number of projects have already exceeded one hundred, among them the service of selling used cars Carprice, the social network for pregnant Preggie, a web application for recruiters Amazing Hiring, service to travel around Europe RoutePerfect et al. Managing Partner of iTech Capital Gleb Davidyuk says approaches Altair him impressed: many small transactions, good PR, broad-minded. By failure Ryaben'kii relates calmly and recognized that Altair.VC closed five projects, which did not take place because of the disorders in teams.

Through Ryaben'kii funds invested hundreds of people. For control Altair takes 20% and 2% for the success, the premium for the fund superperformance Altair Seed Fund compS THE 30%. Check for third-party investors in its funds - from $ 500 000 (for those who have less money, a year ago created Altaclub, which brings together business angels pool with a check of $ 10,000).

Ryaben'kii calculates the profitability of successful projects of more than 300% for 5-7 years, and the target yield of the Fund - 20-25% per annum. Unrealised yield on Altair.VC was about 30% (100% in three years), while the fund Altair Seed Fund - 100% for the half year. But there is an opportunity to earn more. Prior to that, he invested in the seed stage and out of step B. The third venture capital fund for $ 100 million, which it plans, intended for investments in the later stages. "We have a lot of companies in the portfolio that can be sold. But some of them still can earn 200-300% per annum, if you invest at a later stage ", - says confidently Ryaben'kii.