Abramovich's yachts lurk in Turkey

Abramovich sent two ships to Turkey, bypassing European Union waters to avoid their confiscation due to sanctions.
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Two luxury yachts of Roman Abramovich, who fell under the sanctions of the EU and the UK, moored on the coast of Turkey, Reuters reported, citing a source in the port. One of the yachts left Montenegro last week.

The businessman sent ships to Turkey, bypassing European Union waters, according to ship tracking data.

Before that, he tried to protect the yachts from arrest and hung the flags of Bermuda on them, where the ships were registered, the Daily Mail reported.

Abramovich's Solaris yacht is worth almost 60 billion rubles, it has a gym, a swimming pool, an elevator and a helipad. The vessel accommodates about 100 people, including staff. The second Eclipse yacht is considered one of the largest in the world.

Viktor Kuryan, executive director of the Bussol yachting agency, comments:

- Turkey is one of those places where it is safer, the only thing is that he was seen in Marmaris under the Bahamian flag, so the flag, apparently, will also have to be changed. Well, they won’t give permission to the register to go to sea, and everything that the yacht will do? To stand. This should be considered by the ship inspection and give an opinion to the certificates, pass a technical inspection every few years. They can simply put it against the wall, it will fly under the flag, maybe it won’t be able to. If there is no such permission, then the yacht cannot legally leave, no captain will let her out for security reasons. If she goes under her own flag, roughly speaking, under Bermuda, this is the British Commonwealth, if they arrest her there, this is their territory. If it sails under a different flag, this is already a border conflict, because, for example, a ship sailing under the Russian flag, this is Russian territory, you just can’t take it anymore, it’s fraught, at sea. The whole of Europe, it turns out, is inaccessible, because there have already been many cases of asset seizure.

- What other options are there?

— Asia. Closer to us, except for Turkey, I see nothing else, Egypt, maybe. Turkey is such a well-known yachting country, it has a developed infrastructure. Of the others, this is in Egypt, but there is absolutely not the same level in the Red Sea. You don’t just need to go into the territorial waters of unfriendly countries, it’s about 20 miles, 40 kilometers from the coast went to the open sea and get to Montenegro and Turkey - just spit, but you may not be able to go there to refuel and unload passengers, there is a risk of being arrested.

Not all property Russian businessmen will be able to save and transfer to another country, as they do with yachts, says Eduard Savulyak, director of the Moscow office of Tax Consulting UK:

Eduard Savulyak

Director of the Moscow office of Tax Consulting UK

“Obviously, Russia is the last state that will comply with the sanctions of a foreign state. If we are talking specifically about the Turkish example, then I would consider this as a temporary example. Again, any property is a loose concept. We understand that a collection of gold watches, jewelry, some expensive paintings can be stored on a yacht, but all other assets, as a rule, are still tied to the place where they are located. In the case of our largest businessmen, their privacy, which they have preached all their lives, has now played into their hands. That is, as a rule, no one made out anything for themselves, neither houses, nor apartments, even rare bills were made out for themselves, especially yachts and planes.

In Finland, more than 20 yachts were detained, which allegedly belong to Russian businessmen who fell under EU sanctions, TASS quotes the Finnish edition of Helsingin Sanomat. If this is proven, the property will be frozen.

A video appeared on social networks in which a youth team of yachtsmen from Odessa does not allow Abramovich's yacht to moor in Turkey. After the incident, the teenagers and the coach were taken away by the local police.