Accused of poisoning her husband "Samara widow" will receive compensation from the RF Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance will pay Ekaterina Puzikova 1,75 million rubles for moral damage: the woman spent more than two years in the remand prison.
The Leninsky District Court of Samara ordered the Finance Ministry to pay Ekaterina Puzikova, the widow of the poisoned head of the local branch of the Rosselkhozbank, Dmitry Puzikov, compensation of moral damage amounting to 1.75 million rubles.

A civil action against the Ministry of Finance to recover compensation for moral damage caused by criminal prosecution, Ekaterina Puzikova sued in June this year. In the lawsuit, the woman stated that as a result of the persecution, moral suffering was caused not only to her, but also to her parents and her son, whose health deteriorated during that period. The woman asked to recover from the state in her favor 10 million rubles. The Ministry of Finance did not recognize the claim.

Banker Dmitry Puzikov was killed in March 2012 after meeting with 11 guests at his home in the village of Kondurchinsky, Krasnoyarsk region of the Samara region. He was hospitalized with two guests, his brother Alexander Safonov and his companion Maria Borisova. The guests survived, but Alexander Safonov was partially paralyzed, and Dmitry Puzikov died in the hospital. A criminal case was opened. Suspect on it was the wife of the banker Ekaterina Puzikova. She was twice accused of murder, but in the end was acquitted and recognized as a victim in the case.