Accused of spying Karina Turcan: "I do not understand the charge"

Former top manager of the energy company Inter RAO UES Karina Turcan through her lawyer answered the questions of the publication Medusa. Accused of espionage in favor of Romania categorically denies his guilt.
On June 15, FSB officers detained Karina Turcan, the top manager of the energy company Inter RAO UES. She was accused of spying: according to investigators, Turcan, being a citizen of another country, cooperated with businessmen connected with the intelligence services of Moldova or Romania. No other details about the FSB have been reported so far. Through one of the lawyers of Karina Turcan, "Medusa" handed her her questions to the Lefortovo detention center and published the answers.

- Tell, please, about yourself - what did you do before Inter RAO?

- I started working right after school, at 17 years old. Later, having received the first legal education, she was a partner of a law firm, a legal director of the largest energy company in Moldova. Since 2005, she started working for Inter RAO in Moldova. In January 2007, at the invitation of the company, I moved to Moscow, so my total experience there is 13 years.

"How did the detention take place?" Was it unexpected?

- The shock of detention has not yet been passed. Memories are manifested as separate frames. Six in the morning, I half-open the door, a crowd rushes in, masked men. My little frail mother trying to protect me. Loud screams and paralyzing me, almost animal fear for loved ones, for how, perhaps, I was frightened of a son whom I never saw again.

- In what conditions do they keep you?

"I prefer not to touch the conditions of detention." There is a systemic problem - I and others [who are contained here] are deprived of the statutory right to unlimited communication with the defender. In view of the shortage of rooms for meetings, a visit to the defender is not possible more than once every two to three weeks, the duration of such a meeting is unpredictable.

- What are you doing in a completely new way of life for you?

- If possible, I do what I did earlier in my free time - I study. Now it's Latin, German and iconography. This is, perhaps, all that remains of my world.

- Do you have Russian citizenship? Did you get access to information constituting a state secret?

- I am a Russian citizen, refused Moldovan citizenship in 2016, I do not have any passports other than Russia (on June 20, the Romanian Embassy in Russia stated that Turcan is a citizen of Romania - the "Medusa" note). I did not get access to state secrets.

- How ready are you to comment on the charges? In the transfer of what data from Moldova or Romania you are accused, what is their value?

- I could comment on the accusation, if it was clear to me. I have not yet been shown the document that I allegedly handed over to someone. I hope to receive more complete information from the investigation. In any case, I did not fulfill any orders for the transfer of state secrets to Moldovan specialists, it is absurd.

"You do not plead guilty." Then tell me, what is the reason for your arrest, who is behind this? Why you?

- Yes, I categorically deny my guilt. The investigation refuses to tell me what, to whom and how I allegedly handed over. Since I did not do this, I confidently state that the evidence remaining in the secret for me at the disposal of the investigation is a consequence of fabricated outfits. I do not find another explanation.

Never did I fulfill the orders of the Moldovan special services, I never contacted them. Moreover, I communicated with representatives of the authorities and energy companies of Moldova. On their part, I have never been shown any interest in receiving secret information.

In addition to commercial supplies to European and other countries, I oversaw the implementation of departmental orders in a number of difficult regions, sometimes with extremely complex counterparties and in difficult conditions. In my work I was under pressure, there were threats and warnings. This fact is easily confirmed if desired. Could this have served as the basis for throwing in to remove me from the process? Of course, yes!

I initially stated my readiness to answer the questions of the investigation. I am interested in the fullest consideration of my case.

- Is it an attack on you personally or on the company "Inter RAO" as a whole?

- I do not comment on Inter RAO, I do not want reputational risks for the company.

- Did you know that your phone was tapped for three years? Did you realize that you are being watched?

- Due to the position and tasks assigned to me, I assumed such an opportunity. And I admit - it did not bother me in any way: I had nothing to hide. And when I was arrested, I immediately called all the passwords from the technology. I repeat: I did not commit any actions.

"In parallel with your arrest, the searches were conducted by the top managers of Inter RAO and the Ministry of Energy - do you suppose why this could happen?"

- For the first time [about this] I hear and do not have any assumptions.

"Your case will most likely be closed, and Russian courts almost never justify people."

"I do not see any grounds for a closed trial, because I did not receive access to state secrets, and only an article [on espionage that is imputed] should not be sufficient grounds." I hope that in an open trial my innocence will be obvious.