Advertisement in the metro drove a wedge between the Moscow officials

The Moscow government is split over about advertising revenues in the city.
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Metropolitan Transport Department announced an auction for pasting advertising rolling stock Moscow subway. Another Department - Media and advertising - the auction documentation is not agreed on, as opposed to the emergence of new advertising in the subway operators: it is prejudicial to the interests of the current contractor - the company "Car Cell"

Alternative "Auto Cellou"

SUE "Moscow Metro" announced electronic auction, the winner of which will be able to hang for one year nine rolling stock advertising on different subway lines. The relevant notice published on the website The auction is scheduled for 29 December, applications are accepted on 23 December. Start, then there is a minimum, the cost of the contract is defined in 81 million rubles. VAT included. Step auction will amount to 810 thousand. rub. The tenderer to secure the application will have to make RUR 4.25 million.

At the Moscow Metro already have an advertising contractor. In June 2011, the PMU and the metropolitan media and advertising department conducted the auction, which were contested by five years of advertising opportunitiesspine subway. The starting value of the contract amounted to 1.587 billion rubles. in the first year with a further increase in the annual inflation rate, but not less than 8.3%. Trades then won the company "Car Cell", a member of the Avtoholding "Gema" Alexander Geller. She has committed to pay in the first year of the subway almost 2.38 billion rubles. In just five years, it thus should list more than 14.04 billion rubles.

Advertise "Auto Sell" can in strictly defined areas and specific format. All these details were spelled out in the tender documentation and then included in the contract. When in 2011, bids were made, it was assumed that they are the winner will be the exclusive contractor of the subway.

Did not get along

But in December 2011, in the metropolitan subway oversees the Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure is under new management - Office headed by Maxim Liksutov, who later became also the vice-mayor. Looks Liksutova and head of the Moscow department of another, the media and advertising, Vladimir Chernikov out what should be the reLama at the Moscow transport dispersed.

In 2013, one controlled by the Department of Transport SUE - managing public land transport "Mosgortrans" - held an auction for the selection of the advertising operator for 7.7 thousand bus shelters.. Media and Advertising Department of the auction documentation is not agreed. According to prepared by the agency and approved by the end of 2012 the Government of Moscow rules of outdoor advertising bus shelters, so they could advertise, must be equipped with lighting. "Mosgortrans" ignored this requirement. Auction Gallery has won the group, promising to pay more than 1.2 billion rubles for five years. Department of Media and advertising said then that will give permission for the placement of advertising on the stations' Mosgortrans "only when the pavilions will highlight. Nevertheless, at bus stops, are not equipped with lighting, advertising still came.

Not staged Department of Transport and those revenues from advertising, which provides underground "Auto Sell". In the fall of 2013 SUE "Moscow Metro & raquo; It has asked the Federal Antimonopoly Service, whether it is possible to provide its advertising contractor new advertising surfaces in connection with the opening of new subway stations and the increase in rolling stock. The service said that advertising in the places that are not mentioned in the concluded contract in 2011 with the "Auto Sella" is necessary to carry out new bids.

As a pilot project in April this year, Metro has started up at Lublin-Dmitrov line up, pasted advertising LG. Contractor on this project was the agency "New Tone".

Media and Advertising Department has repeatedly stated that against the holding of new ad trading in the subway, while operating agreement with the "Auto Sella". "This contact is left to work for two years, - quoted Chernikov last September, city news - Therefore, it would be appropriate in 2016 to arrange an auction of advertising space based on a carrier such as the surface of the subway cars. "


Documentation for a new auction of Metro with the media and advertising department notagreed, RBC reported on Monday, November 24 press-secretary Vladimir Yakovlev, Minister. The press service of the Department of the evening did not respond to a request sent by RBC.

"Car Cell", according to its general director Zlata Postnikov exploring new auction records. "Of course, not very pleased that yet another operator advertising will appear in the subway - continues Postnikov. - But it's not clear whether this new format to compete with our offer. "

The stated starting price is already too high, the executive director of "New Tone" Hovik Sargsyan. Therefore, if the company will participate in the auction, it is only in partnership with someone else. In the current economic situation, the cost of the annual contract is unreasonably high, so we need to calculate the feasibility of participation in the auction, said Andrey Kuzin, a member of the board of directors "Laith", which is the exclusive advertising partner of RZD. Study the documentation and Russ Outdoor Group. Gallery Group will not participate in these auctions, passed through the press service of its CEO Dmitry Zaitsev.

Zatin the group "Almakor", which was one of the founders of the company "Olympus", from 2002 to 2011 to advertise in the Moscow subway, announced auction was called interesting and intend to participate in it.