Advertising budgets gave in

"Sealeks" and "Alikaps" have gone from the TV.
After the ban on the sale of the popular dietary supplements for increasing male potency "Sealeks" and "Alikaps" disappeared and advertising in Russia. Last year, these two brands accounted for 650 million rbl., That is about 0.5% of all TV advertising expenses in the country. Manufacturer additives pharmaceutical holding "RIA" Panda "," in particular, was a key sponsor for sports broadcasts. In the future it will be able to replace the beer brands, hoping to market participants.

Advertisement dietary supplements "Sealeks" and "Alikaps" is not allowed in Russia since April 26, he said on Friday in his explanation of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. The ban is linked to the withdrawal of the state registration of these drugs designed to enhance male potency, the Consumer Protection Ministry of National Economy Committee of Kazakhstan (based on this document supplements accessed on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union). Officials have found in them a substance tadalafil, which was not stated in the registration (for details, see. "Kommersant" dated May 6).

Manufacturer drugs "RIA" Panda ""rodvigal them mainly on television - this media accounted for 90% of the advertising budget of the company, told "Kommersant" her representative. Last year, the total cost of the promotion of all brands, "RIA" Panda "" amounted to 1.7 billion rubles., Including 650 million rubles. advertising "Sealeks" and "Alikapsa". The costs of all advertisers on TV in the last year amounted to 134.2 billion rubles., That is only on these two brands account for about 0.5% of television advertising.

According to DSM Group, "Sealeks" and "Alikaps" are in the top 10 dietary supplements by pharmacy sales in Russia (March amount of all additives market exceeded 2.7 billion rubles.). In February, "Sealeks" even led the ranking, occupying 2.79% of the market in terms of money and in March moved up to third place with a 2.33% share. "Alikaps" in February was the fourth and 2.43% of sales, in March - eight (1.34%).

Odious advertising "Sealeks" and "Alikapsa" with the participation of popular musician Sergei Shnurov remember many viewers including during top sports tournaments, where traditional advertising time is more expensive than usual. So, "RI"Panda" "was the largest advertiser in the broadcast matches of the World Cup in 2014 with the participation of the Russian team at the" First Channel "and VGTRK. Earlier," RIA "Panda" "acted sponsor of the Euro 2012 matches. It is promotion of these men drugs during sports broadcasts revolted in 2014, the deputy Igor Zotov, who saw in it a reason to prohibit all advertising on pay TV.

The budget for the promotion of "Sealeks" and "Alikapsa" corresponds to the size of the average advertiser investments, and in general for his care market will be almost invisible against the background of growing demand from the other players, says the general director of the Russian representation Etat Control International Dmitry Kuraev. "But more than half of the investments of these drugs accounted for sponsored projects, where to find a replacement for such a great player will be much more difficult, as these projects are more individual," - he warns. In general, the amount of sponsorship in the Russian TV share "Sealeks" and "Alikapsa" can be up to 5%, which is much more noticeable notesexpert.

In general, for television is not critical loss, agree the head of department productivity and assessment mediazakupok OMD OM Group Andrey Skorodumov. "The overwhelming share of advertising" Sealeks "and" Alikapsa "comes to sports programming and content oriented to the male audience, but in the future it will replace advertising players intensified beer category," - he said. A significant number of these brands to purchased advertising time were in high demand interval from 00:00 to 02:00, he adds, their caregivers, will the rest of the advertisers to optimize their own accommodation.