Aeroflot commander accused of SSJ100 fire

PIC of a burned plane is charged with violation of the safety and operating rules of the aircraft, resulting in the death of two or more persons.
The Investigative Committee indicted Denis Evdokimov, the commander of the SSJ100 Aeroflot, who crashed at Sheremetyevo Airport in May. He is accused of violating traffic safety rules and operating an air transport vessel, which, through negligence, resulted in the death of two or more persons (part 3 of article 263 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to investigators, Evdokimov made a rough landing of the aircraft on the runway. His further actions, committed in violation of the established rules, entailed the destruction and fire of the liner.

Evdokimov was charged on October 2, he is on his own recognizance, said a source of Vedomosti, close to the Aeroflot group. Evdokimov does not admit guilt in the crash of the plane. His lawyers asked the investigation to conduct an examination of the attachment points of the chassis and cabin materials for combustibility, as well as checking the electrical remote control systems of the aircraft, said a source close to the Aeroflot group.

The airliner’s problems started after a flight from Sheremetyevo and lightning hit it - this led to a disconnection of communications and electronics, the aircraft switched to manual control (although lightning entering a ship should not lead to such consequences). That is why Evdokimov decided to return to the airport of departure. The landing turned out to be tough, the chassis struts pierced the fuel tanks, the spilled fuel caught fire, and passengers and the flight attendant died due to poisoning from combustion products. Therefore, the protection side and asks to check the landing gear and interior materials.

Aeroflot SSJ100 aircraft flying from Moscow to Murmansk on May 5 made an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo. He hit the strip three times and caught fire. As a result, 41 people died, another 10 were injured. A total of 78 people were on board, including five crew members.

The IC considered several versions of the disaster: insufficient qualifications of pilots, controllers and persons who carried out technical inspection of the board, as well as aircraft malfunction and adverse weather conditions. Employees of the UK and the Federal Air Transport Agency also revealed several SSJ100 crew errors that indirectly affected the spread of the flame, RBC wrote with reference to sources familiar with the investigation.

In June, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) published a preliminary investigation report on the SSJ100 crash. It did not contain conclusions about the culprit of the accident and the causes of the disaster. At the same time, the IAC pointed out the many mistakes that Evdokimov and the co-pilot Maxim Kuznetsov made when flying the aircraft. “There are a lot of questions for us, and we have a lot of questions,” commented the IAC report on Aeroflot CEO Vitaliy Savelyev. He noted that in 2018, the airline's flight safety level amounted to 99.974%.