Aeroflot wants to reintroduce serfdom for pilots

The Russian airline company is obviously dissatisfied with the outflow of the most qualified pilots to the Asian countries. But it can not or does not want to offer them a competitive salary.
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Aeroflot refused to hire pilots who left the country in search of a better share. As the head of the aviation corporation Vitaly Saveliev stated, the pilots will be able to settle in Aeroflot not earlier than 3 years after the return. Judging by the stories of the expats, they should not come back very much. But that's not the point. Due to a shortage of personnel, the safety of passengers is jeopardized.

Russian pilot? Sometimes…

Pilots are fleeing from Russia, and this phenomenon has become massive. The media are full of stories of those who left about how they felt bad in Russia and how well they got abroad. They leave to work mainly in Asia, primarily in China. There, our professionals are appreciated and ready to provide excellent working conditions. It's not even a matter of salary, or rather, not only in it.
In Russia, a pilot can fly no more than 90 hours a month. In China, the schedule is more sparing - 80 hours. It seems that there is not such a big difference. But what the pilots themselves say: if you have rested in Russia for 10 minutes less than it should, then it does not mean anything to us. Fly further. If in China the working schedule is broken, the pilot will simply not be admitted to the flight. Add to this a good social package, and, most importantly, respect from the employer. This was reported to the journalists by the pilot, Igor Sulimov, who did not hesitate to introduce himself. His other colleagues appear in the media anonymously.

That is why they do not hesitate to use expressions, calling the conditions of work in Russia "slavery".

All this could be attributed to the lack of patriotism and spiritual bonds. But in fact, everything looks a bit different. Here is the figure that leads Kommersant: in recent years, about 300 pilots fled from Russia, among them commanders of aircraft and instructors. It turns out that the best aviation personnel leave. The comparison suggests itself: this was the case in the 1990s, when the scientific elite left the country en masse.

25000, normal flight

Pilots do not hide that the main motivator is the salary. Of course, our experts compared the salary of pilots in Russia and in other countries. It looks impressive. The commander of the aircraft in the flagship Russian airline Aeroflot earns about 500 thousand rubles a month. At first glance, a decent salary. But only at first. To achieve this status, the pilot must fly for many years, learn to fly different aircraft, carefully monitor their health. This is a very difficult and very important profession. The FAC depends on the lives of passengers sitting in the cabin. Salary is not a little, but the responsibility is the highest. This is the elite of society, the people we are proud of.

And what about them, in the decaying West and East? Transform the salary of the Russian commander of the crew into dollars. It will be about $ 8000. Compare: in the US pilots receive 27 thousand dollars a month. In Germany, less, about 24 thousand dollars. And in China, who gladly hires our pilots, the salary reaches almost 30 thousand dollars a month. Of course, a lot depends on the skills and skills, but it turns out that in the Middle Kingdom our cadres receive about 4 times more than in the homeland. On their salary, the ship's commander can monthly buy an apartment in the average Russian city. What else can I talk about?

Leap in place - an attempt to fly away

It would seem that in such a situation the aviation authorities and the heads of large airlines should do everything possible to save the cadres. And they are taking certain steps. But the methods are questionable. Rosaviatsiya stopped responding to requests by foreign carriers for the qualifications of Russian pilots. A general director of Aeroflot Vitaly Savelievzayavil that the state company will hire pilots not earlier than 3 years after their dismissal. Probably Savelyev is not lamented
Taras Bulba, who himself begot and killed himself. It was not enough that the top manager of the largest airline called such pilots traitors. Well, let's take this logic too. There remains only a small question: who forced professionals to seek a better share abroad?

And now let's remember how in 2012 Vitaly Saveliev complained to Vladimir Putin that in Russia commanders of aircraft receive too much. And he asked to be allowed to hire foreigners. Of course, at that time there was a completely different ruble rate. And, nevertheless, the statement itself hit the status of Russian pilots. At the same time, judging by the interview, for 5 years the conditions of their work have not changed. They say that they themselves want to work in Russia. Here their homeland, their children live here. But life forced to make a choice in favor of China and other countries. And to win back does not work. What is the point of returning, if in Russia they are looked upon as enemies of the people?

Price of passengers

This entire story would not cost a penny, if not for one circumstance: the safety of passengers. Of course, the salary of the FAC of 500 thousand rubles is 15 times higher than the national average. But those who believe that the pilots are too fat live, you should consider a couple of points. First, let them study