AFK Sistema creates a network of aparthotels Cosmos Stay in place of ATS

The first object worth 500 million rubles will appear in Teply Stan.
The company "Business Real Estate", which enters into AFK Sistema, starts construction of the first 3-star apart-hotel on the site of an automatic telephone exchange (ATS). This was told to "Vedomosti" by the general director of "Business Real Estate" Vyacheslav Khvan. According to him, the project for 157 numbers under the new brand Cosmos Stay will appear already in 2018 on the street. Profsoyuznaya near the station. m. "Teply Stan"; investment in construction will amount to about 500 million rubles. Another company will begin to build the object before the end of this year.

Until 2020, "Business Real Estate" intends to build a whole network of apartment hotels Cosmos Stay, said Hwang, an average investment in each of the projects to 150 rooms will be about 350 million rubles. He did not name the exact number of objects. This is not yet defined, two real estate consultants who worked with Sistema know: the number will depend on the results of the pilot projects. However, they know that the company is considering the possibility of building several apart-hotels on the street. Innovators and next to the art. m. "University". The company does not comment on this, but a man from Sistema confirms: the prospects of these sites are now really being calculated. True, not all automatic telephone exchanges are suitable for such purposes, since they are located in not the most prestigious locations, two consultants note.

To hand over rooms in aparthotels Cosmos Stay «Business-real estate» plans both for rent and for a long term, says Hwang.

The construction of apartment hotels in the middle price segment in walking distance from the metro is a very reasonable step, says the head of the hotel business department of JLL Tatiana Veller. According to her, such a product will be in demand among employees of Russian and international companies, sent to the capital for several days. Also this format allows family tourists to stay in one room with the whole family and save on trips to catering establishments thanks to the availability of the kitchen, Weller underscores. The owner of the management company Ivashkevich Hospitality Stanislav Ivashkevich agrees with her. Aparthotels will compete with rental housing, he adds, and thanks to the availability of such services as, for example, room cleaning, such projects have much more advantages than apartments, especially in the old and morally outdated housing stock. Modern aparthotels are a new format in the Moscow hotel market, which can seriously compete with classical hotels and the rental market for apartments, Hwang confirms.

While the segment of apart-hotels is not very developed in Russia, Ivashkevich points out. Among examples of similar projects, he cites the Yes network, which was launched by the group "Pioneer". In fact, Dom.RF (ex-AHML) is also working in this same segment: the state company buys apartments and apartments from large developers to organize rental housing there. For these purposes, areas have already been purchased in the Liner projects at the Khodynka Field, Symbol in Lefortovo, Match Point in the Filevsky Park area.

Phone heritage

In the 1960-1970's. owned AFK Sistema ATS in Moscow. They ceased to be used in the beginning of 2010, when the corporation belonging to the corporation MGTS switched to modern digital GPON technology. AFK Sistema considered various options for further development of these facilities - from reconstruction to hotels to complete demolition and the construction of housing in their place.

The business of medium-priced hotels in Moscow has been moving uphill in recent years, and this year is likely to be no exception, Weller argues. So, the load of such objects, according to JLL, from 2015 to 2017 increased from 65.1 to 75.7%. And although the average tariff in such hotels for the same time decreased by 5% to 3800 rubles., Their profitability on the number continues to grow - plus 11.5% to 2900 rubles., Leads calculations Weller.

AFK Sistema is reconstructing old automatic telephone exchanges not only in hotels. The "Leader Invest" corporation, which is located on the site, builds housing and apart-complexes. Now in its portfolio, according to the company, 38 such projects with a total area of ​​483,000 square meters. m.

There are AFK Sistema and full-fledged hotels: now it operates 17 hotels for 3800 rooms. In November 2016, the corporation bought nine hotels from the Regional Hotel Network from VIYM Andrei Yakunin. However, at the end of April 2018 Forbes reported that AFK Sistema was looking for buyers for this network. The final decision on the sale of these hotels is not, stresses the representative of the corporation.

In 2017, AFK Sistema completed the restructuring of the hotel business, dividing the functions of owning and managing assets. To own assets, the "Hotel Management System" was created, and for management - the Cosmos Group; it will manage including the apart-hotels of "Business Real Estate".