After the stake in Rosneft, the Qatari fund may buy a stake in a joint venture with Novatek

QIA is negotiating with Igor Yusufov to buy 49% of Yargeo. 
On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin at the request of Igor Sechin, CEO of "Rosneft" and the chairman of the board of directors of its main shareholder - "Rosneftegas", met with leaders of the new shareholders of the oil company: CEO of Glencore ayvans Glasenberg and CEO of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, said

According to Putin, the Qatar Foundation will take part in the production of hydrocarbons in Russia, but the details he did not disclose, and the President, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman did not respond to questions "Vedomosti". Al-Thani said that on the eve of his fund made "another deal that will mean additional investment of $ 2 billion", but the project is also not named. QIA representative on questions of "Sheets" have not responded.

This may be the share of the "YARGEO" - a joint venture "Novatek" (51%) with the Fund "Energy" Igor Yusufov (49%), found "Vedomosti". Three people close to the various shareholders 'YARGEO' claim that the "Energy" is now looking for a buyer for its stake. Another source close to one of the shareholders' YARGEO "says QIA saw the purchase of this package. Qatar Foundation - just one of the bidders, said another source.
In the "Novatek" and "Energy" declined to comment.

Not in vain tried

Customers 19.5% of "Rosneft" has already managed to capitalize on the growth of the securities of the company, said in a meeting with their president. "After completion of the transaction value of the company increased by 18%, so that you have earned," - said Putin.

Yusufov, a former energy minister and special envoy of the president, founded the fund "Energy" in 2011 and acquired the rights to several oil and gas fields. Fund structures bought licenses for public auction of more than 3 billion rubles. "YARGEO" single asset Among them were 49% in Yarudeyskoye project.

For three years, "Novatek" partner planned to invest in the development of its $ 1.5 billion in 2013, said Chief Financial Officer "Novatek" Mark Jetway "Interfax". In 2014, Yusuf told "Vedomosti" that the project has been funded by 50%. Mine earned in December 2015 and a month later came on planned production levels. Its reserves - 46 million tons of oil and 28 billion cubic meters. meters of gas (categories A, B, C1 and C2), for the first nine months of 2016 it produced 2.66 million tons of oil and 228 million cubic meters. meters of gas.

In the process a maximum extraction mine came this year, the analyst Vasily ACRA Tanurcov. Target level - 3.5 million tons per year. And given the current privileges for this field MET to 2021 "YARGEO" can be estimated at $ 2-3 billion, says Tanurcov.

Joint projects with QIA may be and "Rosneft", said a person close to the party to the transaction on privatization: "We have to QIA roadmap for joint investments, but about specific transactions too early to say."

On major projects, "Rosneft" has already found a partner, but it has a lot of projects for the joint development, the director of the Small Letters Vitaly Kryukov. The Vankor cluster Indian ONGC bought 26%, 23.9% more - in other Indian investors, should be of "Rosneft" report. In Verkhnechonskneftegaz 20% owned by Beijing Enterprises Chinese fund. The TAAs-Yuryakh 20% - from BP and 29.9% - from Indian investors.

Meet with members of the privatization of "Rosneft" Sechin, Putin suggested on Monday - to emphasize the importance of the transaction took place and to inform the President about new projects, he explained, adding: "We plan to increase our activity with these partners."