Agricultural holding founded by deputy Sergey Doronin has problems with Sberbank

The creditor has found traces of deliberate bankrupcy. 
Russia's Investigative Committee is checking agricultural company "Absolut Agro" on the grounds of deliberate (fictitious) bankruptcy on the basis of statements of the Savings Bank, told "Vedomosti" a person close to the bank, and confirmed the person close to the Investigative Committee of the Kirov region.

Savings Bank representative said that more 28 July 2015 the bank filed an application for examination on the grounds of "Absolute aggro" deliberate bankruptcy, in August 2016 the results submitted to the court. The administrator "Absolute aggro" Dmitry Diachkov aware of suspicions of Sberbank, but the during the examination in 2015 signs of fraudulent bankruptcy not found. In addition, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Department for the Kirov region has already conducted checks on the application of the Savings Bank and refused to institute criminal proceedings on the fact of deliberate and fraudulent bankruptcy. Request made by the Investigation Committee of the Kirov region, remained unanswered. Get the comments of the regional Interior Ministry failed.

"Absolute Agro" produces and processes pork. Founded in the early 1990s. Sergey Doronin, from 4 December 2011 State Duma deputy from the Kirov region. Later, he became a partner Konstantin Moshurenko with which they continued to develop the business, says Doronin. By becoming a deputy, Doronin gave a share in the company of his mother Taisia ​​Doroninoj, but says that it continues to actively monitor the fate of the enterprise. Now, according to "SPARK-Interfax", in Doronina 40% in the company, another 40% in Constantine Moshurenko and 10% Dmitry Dmitriev and Yuri Moshurenko.

Credited Sberbank company started in 2003, for 10 years, the bank has provided "Absolut aggro" about 1.5 billion rubles, said a bank representative.; Now his group has 908 million rubles. (Doronin said that 752 million rubles.). Since 2012 the company has difficulties began, said Doronin, because of the drought, she lost a significant part of the harvest and had to buy grain for feed production, which significantly reduced profits. According Doronin, the Company entered into negotiations with Sberbank to restructure the debt by offering several options. Proposals made and the bank, said its representative, and affirms Doronin, but the conditions, according to the deputy, were hostile: one loan the bank offered to defer payment for only three weeks, on the other - for three months (the Savings Bank is not commenting). To fulfill the requirements in such a short time, "Absolute aggro" would have to score and stop the production of cattle, Doronin said.

Business in pigs

2500 tons per year is the sale of meat in halves "Absolute aggro"; annually hammered 25 000-27 000 pigs, said Doronin. The plant produces 250 tons of semi-finished products and delicacies in a month. Also, the company has 1,200 head of dairy cattle. State "Absolute agro" - 700 people.

As a result of founders of the company was initiated its bankruptcy. This will keep the work of the enterprise, it is one of the largest in the region, says Doron. The registry requirements included slightly more than 1 billion rubles., Says Diachkov, this is confirmed by the data on the website Unified Federal Register on Bankruptcy Information. But experts Center expert-analytical research "Laboratory Bogatikova" raised by the court of the Sberbank petition found in the bankruptcy indications of intent, as well as a number of irregularities on the part of owners, follows from the center of expertise with which "Vedomosti" familiar (the authenticity of the document confirmed by a representative "Laboratory Bogatikova").

Firstly, on the same day, when the founders of the Company initiated a bankruptcy, August 9, 2013, they also have forgiven debts to the company employees (according to the program of social housing for workers) to 41.4 million rubles. However, the decision of owners have not yet been challenged, it follows from the September decisions of the Second Appellate Court in Kirov. In addition, in those decisions preceded the 2012 in "Absolute agro" was retained earnings (51.8 million rubles.), So it can not be said to have suffered property damage to creditors, said the court.

Secondly, attracted Sberbank experts see violations in the actions of bankruptcy trustee: in his autocratic decision in December 2014 activities "Absolute agro" was terminated without the consent of the mortgagee, no decision of the general meeting of creditors, and without any clear economic and legal grounds and the property is leased. Diachkov confirmed that no coordinated action with the Savings Bank, but at the time the court is not yet included in the register of creditors, Sberbank. Earlier, the court agreed that there is a violation, but it did not result in any negative consequences for the debtor or creditors.

Above all, he insists Sberbank representative, that the bankruptcy of "Absolute Agro" is not due to objective factors, and the desire to clean up the business beneficiaries from creditors, while retaining production and control over it.

The investigating authorities to respond to any treatment and therefore launched an investigation, said a person close to the investigation, but to say that a criminal case is premature. The Investigative Committee is obliged to respond to the application and conduct an audit, but this case may come to an end, according to the chairman of corporate restructuring practice of the law firm Sameta Margarita Sologubenko.

Contact Doroninoj, Moshurenko and Dmitriev failed.