Airlines have to fly abroad only using Russian planes

This idea of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was approved by Vladimir Putin
It is necessary to protect the domestic market, reported Rogozin during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 23, the Kremlin press service. We are talking about flights to Russia, and on the most popular routes, said Deputy Prime Minister. Admission to the need to give them only "to those companies, which will be put on these routes the Russian planes." Putin replied: "Good."

For flights within the country's airlines do not need permission of the regulators, but the tolerances for international destinations provides an interdepartmental committee at the Ministry of Transport. If several bidders, the recipient is chosen by voting on several criteria, including the absence of tax debts, comments from Russian and foreign regulators, punctuality and frequency of flights on existing routes.

Representative Rogozin did not specify when it can make this measure, whether it will apply only to newly issued approvals or planned to reallocate and have issued appointment. "It is about tolerance newly issued", - says the man, close to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). This state-owned company produces short-haul aircraft SSJ100, developing medium-range MS-21 and the new version of the Il-96 long-haul. Top international approvals have already been distributed, the monopolist is "Aeroflot", said a top manager of the Russian airline.

"KLA supports government initiatives aimed at expanding the markets for competitive Russian aircraft. Especially the domestic market. We regularly participate in the elaboration of such proposals, "- said the representative of the corporation. Such a measure has been discussed for several years, but the first time she had received such approval, says another person close to the KLA. The idea to protect the Russian equipment from one year to the Ministry of Industry promoted. The Ministry of Transport has always opposed, citing the interests of passengers, the source continues. Meru is logical to adopt by the end of 2018, when the scheduled start of the supply of our most promising development - MS-21, he concluded.

KLA underutilized

KLA plans to release 30 SSJ100 at powers of up to 70 per year in 2017. Continuous IL-96-400M assembly is planned in 2020 (capacity - two aircraft per year), said a representative of the KLA. Deliveries MS-21 is scheduled for the end of 2018, announced earlier the KLA.

The representative of the Industry and Trade Ministry said that all the support mechanisms developed in conjunction with other bodies of executive power, taking into account the current situation and prospects. The representative of the Ministry of Transport said that the Commission takes into account when granting tolerance and availability in the airline's fleet of aircraft of domestic production, this option increases the chances of carriers to tolerances. However, if applicants for admission There are several, but recently won often do not have large Russian aircraft carriers - the S7, "UTair", "Ural Airlines", follows from the Federal Air Transport Agency protocols. Other criteria outweighed, says the manager of one of them.

"The idea is good, but it is necessary to reinforce the effective courts. On the fly than now? "- Said the federal official. This measure can be applied when the court will be competitive in its niche and, most importantly, a good after-sales service system, says the executive director of "RusLine" Dmitry Eshtokin.

In Russia operates about 60 SSJ100 - but "Aeroflot" it is only for small airlines (30 in the park). Airbus and Boeing representative of the theme does not comment.