Alekperov's yacht to be the star of Monaco Yacht Show

Deals with the total amount of more than €2 billion are concluded at every yacht show in Monaco.   
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Autumn - time for yacht exhibitions, which take place almost every week in different parts of the world. They will start with Europe HISWA te water in Amsterdam (August 30 to September 4), and the end of the ocean in Florida in Fort Lauderdale (from 3 to 7 November). Apart stands Monaco Yacht Show (MYS will be held from September 28 to October 1), on which boats are permitted length of at least 25 (preferably 30) meters. But the most popular sizes of the majority of customers from 40 to 80 meters.

MYS - one of the two main events of the principality on the economic effect (the second, of course, is the Formula 1). Moreover, every year the Boat Show's weight increases. In recent years, every MYS transactions is more than € 2 billion. It has no business climate, it shows in its most vivid sense of a real holiday. In the port of Hercules floating luxury tenders with orchestras on board. At each booth, or more or less serious boat in the morning start to feed caviar and pour the Dom Perignon. In the daytime the boats go presentations, and after sunset otvyaznye start partying on boats and in Monaco bars. Special pavilions create surroundings with modern art, stands with cars and auctions with expensive watches. An additional effect to 125 mega-yachts on the official exhibition in the port provides a suite of even hundreds of boats on the roads.

About 70% of the exposure is generally represented by the leading yacht brokers of different years - for a potential buyer is convenient to fly and see everything at once.

The greatest excitement, of course, cause the premiere. This year, a large amount can be viewed on the latest creations Feadship and Heesen. At first exhibited 66-meter Vanish, built for the US investor Larry Van Theil with the design of the rising stars Eidsgaard Design. The cost of the boat - about $ 125 million from the second -. 70-meter Galactica Super Nova, built for the shipyard owner Vagit Alekperov. Today it is the largest aluminum yacht in the world. Noteworthy is also a 55-meter Quinta Essentia, built on Admiral shipyard for Russian customer. There were no Russian presence in the segment of medium-sized yachts. It is expected to premiere tech Dynamiq D4 (length 38 m). It is a brand created by yacht broker Sergei Dobroserdovym which has more than eight years, lives in Monaco and attracts the best yacht designers and architects from the UK and the Netherlands.

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Fans of yachts are also waiting for a few prime - the shipyard Mangusta Oceano 42, famous for its high-speed yachts of fiberglass makes its debut in the segment of steel displacement boat with a transatlantic range. sail lovers also prepared a surprise - they will be able to see the 70-meter Sybaris by the Italian shipyard Perini Navi.

To get the maximum results from the visit show in Monaco businessmen usually negotiate with the major brokers who help to write on popular views of yachts, often rented for this tender, which helps to avoid the queues. Sami productive days for viewing are usually Thursday and Friday as the first day of turmoil disappear.