Aleksey Chepe was honored

The parliamentarian from the "Fair Russia" Alexei Chepa found property for nearly 3 billion rubles.
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Fourteen apartments in the most elite Moscow residential complex “Ostozhenka Park Palace” turned out to be owned by State Duma Deputy Alexei Chepe. At the same time, he does not mention two of them in his declarations. The people's choice, in turn, completely denies the game with the declaration and threatens public fighters against corruption with a trial in court.

Property Circulation

Fourteen apartments in the elite complex “Ostozhenka Park Palace”, which is located in the so-called “Golden Mile” quarter, were found out by members of the Municipal Scanner project from State Duma Deputy Alexei Chepa. The investigation states that more expensive housing is not found in the entire capital. There are 137 apartments, a separate mansion, parking for 570 cars and a fitness center. The “golden mile” is inhabited, in particular, by the ex-minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (1995-1998) and the vice-premier of the government (1997-1998) Anatoly Kulikov and his son, sons of the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Anatoly Bifov, sons of the ex-president of Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikova, deputy chairman of Gazprom Neft Vadim Yakovlev, State Duma deputy from United Russia, Anton Zharkov and other non-poor people.

To understand how Chepah found money to buy 14 luxury apartments, the anti-corruption fighters studied the declarations of the MP, whom he had become in December 2011. It turned out that 13 apartments in Moscow jurisdiction Aleksey Chepa bought when he was still a member of the legislative assembly of the Tver region. The approximate cost of housing with a total area of ​​3,640.7 m2 as of 2011 was, as stated in the investigation, about 2.7 billion rubles.

According to the calculations of the Municipal Scanner, at the beginning of 2011, Chapa did not have very many opportunities for such a large-scale purchase. Having studied the declaration of the then regional deputy, activists discovered that in 2010 he earned 55 million rubles, and also had 5.5 million rubles on accounts. The following year, the income of his and his spouse rose to 88.9 million rubles, taking into account the sale until December 2011 of six apartments with an area of ​​1,973 m2 and an average cost of 1.4 billion rubles.

“Having conducted elementary calculations, we assume two conclusions. Either Chep’s deputy hid a large part of his income from public declaration, or he understated the cost of transactions, thereby avoiding paying taxes, ”conclude in the Municipal Scanner.

In 2012, Chapa sells four more apartments in the Golden Mile for a total cost of 701 million rubles to 1.19 billion rubles and buys three apartments with his wife at a price of 660 million rubles to 1.12 billion rubles. The deputy’s family’s real estate business continued into the next two years, when they sold five apartments. It was then that it turned out that nothing said about the two apartments that Chepa has in the declarations for 2011-2013.

Faith and opportunity

Apparently, the habit of not specifying all information in the declaration of the deputy appeared in the beginning of 2010. In December 2013, blogger Andrei Malgin found out about $ 2.5 million worth of Chapa's undeclared apartment in Miami. Soon, a new owner was discovered at the apartment - a certain Vera Afanasyev, who, according to the Internet publication Medusa, is a relative of the people's choice. True, he himself denies this relationship.

However, it was Vera Afanasyeva who was the beneficiary of the Jersey-registered company Kensington Estate Ltd, to whose assets in 2013 Chapa transferred his share in the British company Stealthwave Ltd. Stealthwave. In 2017, this share in Stealthwave Afanasyev gave to Daniel Chepe, the son of a deputy. And since June 2018, Cypriot Costas Economou became the owner of the asset, and fighters with corruption found out.

The same Vera Afanasyev acted as the “holder” of apartments in the “Golden Mile”, where she owned at different times from May 2012 to August 2014 apartments with an area of ​​216.1 m2 and 416.6 m2.

Pretrial denial

Upon learning that information about 14 apartments, of which two were undeclared, in the Ostozhenka Park Palace was discussed on the Internet, the deputy said that all this was a lie. “I and my family have only what is in the declarations. All other information is not true, ”he told Echo of Moscow.

According to Chepa, Municipal Scanner has outdated information. He advised the participants of the anti-corruption project to study the issue. “Let them study. If they publish something, if someone does it on purpose, I’ll sue, because it’s not true, ”Chep says.