Alexander Bastrykin called to close Instagram, which is "guilty of a terrorist attack in Leningrad"

The head of the Investigative Committee also demanded "to save children from the Internet".
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Speaking at the congress of ombudsmen for children's rights, Alexander Bastrykin said that an information war is being waged against Russia and one must look at foreign experience. "In Turkey, instead of Yandex, Google has its own information system for children. And we can not even close Instagram. And by the way, Instagram should be closed, because the terrorist attack in Leningrad last year was committed with the help of Instagram ", - said the head of the SC, the correspondent of RBC reports.

"We say: let's shorten the formal long procedure for closing sites and programs. No, we have been dragging for years. And now I was told that Instagram is suing the state. This is a complete distortion of the situation, "Bastrykin said.

On April 13 Tagansky District Court of Moscow decided to block access to Telegram in Russia due to the refusal of its management to transfer encryption keys from users' correspondence. The FSB was interested in reports of terrorists who bombed the St. Petersburg metro on April 3, 2017, killing 16 people and injuring 60 more. As explained in the department, the relationship with the curators, they supported through Telegram.

Leningrad was returned to the historical name of St. Petersburg September 6, 1991.

Later, the Investigative Committee posted information on Bastrykin's speech on his website. In particular, he said: "He (the head of the SC) stressed the expediency of closing the messenger" Telegram ", which was used by criminals in committing particularly serious crimes, including during the terrorist attack in the metro of St. Petersburg in 2017".

Also during the speech Bastrykin noted that only in the Moscow region last year 40 people committed suicide. "While we are sitting, the child is left alone with his problems. As a rule, these are happy families. Children are lonely in school, in the family. And they still have what? The Internet. And there is suicide. "

At the same time, the head of the UK noted that his youngest son is 13 years old. "I come home no earlier than 10 pm. I can not tear it from the computer screen. Our children on the Internet, let's do something, "Bastrykin called.