Alexander Chigirinsky eyes the property of Viktor Rashnikov

The Chigirinsky clan of scandalours developers confronted Viktor Rashnikov.
While the legendary Muscovite developer Shalva Chigirinsky versed with American justice, willing to put him in jail for sex with a minor, his younger brother, continues the family tradition: once again he is trying to win money from the principal owner of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine (MMK) Victor Rashnikova and his partner Nader Nader. Rashnikov - the last hope of Alexander Chigirinsky improve their financial affairs. The main project of his group "Snegiri" - "Snegiri Eco" at the Minsk highway - idle today, the developer ran out of money corny. $ 127 million, he would get for a share of Evolution Tower project would be a good tool for business. Thus Chygrynskiy Jr. suddenly changed his mind to arrest belonging Rashnikovu offshore. Now the brother of fugitive developer sights on property respected metallurgists.

S & T Equity, the parent company of the group "Snegiri" Alexander Chigirinsky, November 24 withdrew from the court of the city of Limassol (Cyprus), the requirement to attach property Snapbox Holdings Ltd. Beneficiaries Snapbox - the main owner Viktor Rashnikov MMK and Nader Nader.

The claim for the recovery from Snapbox Holdings $ 127 million S & T Equity filed a Cyprus court in the spring. This amount has been estimated size of the unjust enrichment of the defendants with the purchase in 2010, the company "Inteko" (then owned by Yelena Baturina) 50% in the construction of Evolution Tower in MIBC "Moscow City". For this share gentlemen Rashnikov Nader and paid $ 37 million. The plaintiff considered the low cost of the transaction, since, according to him, no additional arrangements have been complied with. "Bullfinches" should receive 50% of the hotel "Russia" in Varvarka and the tower "Russia" in the "Moscow City", as well as to become the developer of the tower. Alexander Chigirinsky claims that Victor Rashnikov and Nader Nader bought a stake in both projects at Shalva Chigirinsky, without offering them "Bullfinch".

According to sources close to the deal, and Nader urged Rashnikov Shalva Chigirinsky, that they are the ones who are willing to buy this project because of the crisis of 2008 and the political circumstances Chigirinsky may not receive any money. In addition, the partners proposed Chigirinsky price much smaller market valuation made by their own request. In Russia and CIS countries is considered to be such a business thing, while in the West, where the company's registered business, this method falls under criminal article "fraud on trust."

Now, S & T Equity intends to seek the adoption of interim measures in respect of personal property and gentlemen Rashnikova Nader. The hearing in Limassol, which will consider the appropriate application will be held on 14 December. Representative Victor Rashnikova notes that the plaintiff's claim is still recognized as fully unfounded and contrary to shareholder agreements and documents Evolution Tower project. "The defendant objected on the verbal agreement is not taking place, and contrary to written documents", - said the lawyer Rashnikova.

For the participants of the capital market of commercial real estate in Evolution Tower has always been one owner - Alexander Chigirinsky. "In all matters relating to the sale of Evolution Tower, it was necessary to refer to it," - said the source "b" in one of the consulting companies. A source close to the core business of Mr. Rashnikova explains that the businessman attracted funding for the construction of Evolution Tower, and preferred not to publicize their participation in the project. Last year, a tower, whose value before the crisis was estimated at $ 1 billion, to suit your needs acquired company "Transneft" (the deal was closed this spring). Now Snapbox Holdings Ninth Arbitration Court of Moscow demands with "City Palace" (owned Evolution Tower) half of the net profit from the sale of the tower - its total amount of $ 267.6 million.

Cash claims to Victor Rashnikovu Nader and Nader in the amount of $ 90 million has also the company Shalva Chigirinsky Hazlewood Investment & Finance Ltd (a lawsuit is being considered in Cyprus). They relate to the transaction for the sale of their stake in the tower "Russia", which, according to the plaintiff, also took place at a low price. Now "Russia" completes the Turkish Renaissance Construction, bought the project in 2013-2014. Limassol Court on the suit imposed interim measures on a number of the entrepreneur's assets, in particular, for three villas in the South of France (Villa les Terentes, Villa les Figuiers and Villa Nellcote). At the palace, built by Rashnikov near Moscow, no one has yet attempted.