Alexander Erokhov flew to jail instead of Mexico

Co-owner Stella Bank is suspected of multibillion-dollar fraud.
In Rostov-on-Don, the court detained co-owner Stella-Bank (declared bankrupt in 2016) Alexander Erokhov. He is accused of a particularly large-scale fraud: according to law enforcement officers, a banker stole about 2 billion rubles from the organization’s accounts. through one-day firms. Mr Erokhov was detained in his mansion on Rublevka when he was preparing to fly to Mexico. This is not the first scandal associated with the bankruptcy of the bank. Earlier, the former bank director Oleg Petrov was jailed for fraud. It should be noted that shortly before the bank went bankrupt, VIP clients withdrew about 175 million rubles from its accounts.

The Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don imprisoned the co-owner of Stella Bank (Rostov-on-Don) Alexander Erokhov. He is accused of fraud on a large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The banker was detained in his house on the Rublevsky highway. The operatives began the operation at the very moment when Mr. Erokhov was collecting his belongings for the flight to Mexico, where he owns the villa. Also, Alexander Rollo-Royce, two cars that are not officially working for Alexander Erokhov in private use, turned out to be in private use, one of which is a cabriolet for traveling in the summer.

According to the press service of the FSB, Mr. Erokhov is suspected of embezzling about 2 billion rubles. from bank accounts.

“To implement his criminal scheme, Yerkhov bought the bank from the old owner and its founder, Konstantin Averin, under the guise of investing in the bank and its development, after which the team of managers entrusted to him entered into the operational management of the bank,” the FSB clarified. After that, Mr. Erokhov, according to operatives, issued to ephemeral firms that were under his control, a number of deliberately bad loans that were stolen.

In parallel with this, the bank opened a number of representative offices in Moscow and began to aggressively attract deposits from the population, promising inflated interest rates. These actions are believed to the FSB, led to the bankruptcy of Stella Bank.

The Central Bank revoked the license from Stella Bank in April 2016 due to the fact that the financial institution pursued too aggressive a policy of attracting deposits and did not create adequate reserves for possible losses on loans.

Now, according to the DIA, 298 creditors for more than 2.3 billion rubles have filed for the bank.

Note that the Stella Bank bankruptcy was accompanied by scandals. So, in June 2017, the temporary administration of the bank found that one day before a financial organization’s bankruptcy one of the VIP clients withdrew € 65.6 thousand from the account. Victor Anpilogov turned out to be this customer position of deputy plenipotentiary representative of the president of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District). He was not the only VIP client of the bank, who managed to withdraw funds literally on the eve of bankruptcy.

More than a dozen individuals, among whom was the former owner of a financial organization Konstantin Averin, in March — April 2016, more than 175 million rubles were withdrawn from Stella Bank accounts. The work of the temporary administration of the bankrupt bank immediately led to the initiation of a number of criminal cases. So, in July 2016, the court sentenced the acting director of the bank, Oleg Petrov (took office on the day the license was withdrawn from the organization) to two and a half years in prison for particularly large-scale fraud.