Alexander Fridman welded up on hungry students

The only son of billionaire Mikhail Fridman talked about how he earned his first money, first he sold his own paintings, and then - food to high school students.
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“Once I don’t remember something, I asked my father for it, father said:“ Buy it yourself, ”recalls Alexander Fridman’s son Alexander in the new Forbes heirs. According to him, when asked how to make money, his father invited him to sell his own drawings.

“I made a sign, hung it next to the house, and the first few paintings were bought by a driver whom my dad sent,” says Friedman. “I didn’t know then, but then I was so very small and proud that paintings are being bought from me.”

According to Alexander Fridman, one of his first businesses was the resale of food at the school in which he studied. High school students, he says, were released from classes later than junior high school students, and by the time they came to the dining room for lunch, there was already a long line.

“About five minutes before the end of the lesson, I asked to carefully merge into the toilet, bought all kinds of chips, chocolates, sandwiches ... And when this long line was already forming, I went up to high school students with all my goods and offered it twice as much” He says. Later, according to him, he also, having agreed with his mother’s driver, began selling alcohol at school.

In 2017, at that time Mikhail Fridman told Forbes chief editor Nikolai Uskov (now the editorial director) that he had earned the first thousand rubles for window cleaning in institutions. “I really didn’t wash much, I directed,” he said. The first experience, according to him, was unsuccessful: the entrepreneur found an order - to wash the windows in the store - he hired students and bought everything they needed for washing, but the manager of this store refused to pay for the work. “She just found a couple of places where it was not washed well enough, and did not give us a chance to wash. We were left without money, and I paid for the students who performed the work, ”said Friedman.

But later, according to him, he managed to get a good order for washing windows and get a net profit of one thousand rubles. Friedman kept the money under the bathroom, and having saved 10,000 rubles, he bought a car.

The richest heirs of Russia - 2019. Forbes rating

The only son of the president of Lukoil left the company and started his own business, the billionaire said in an interview with Vedomosti in October 2018. Yusuf, through EKTO, owns 60% of VTP LLC (oil transportation), he owns Lukavto LLC (Mercedes-Benz dealer) in half with his father, his wife Alisa runs Yusal LLC (real estate management). Yusuf also has a company called Plan B (the production of soft drinks). “Plan A,” however, has not been canceled, either: according to the will, Yusuf will receive a stake in Lukoil owned by his father, but he will not manage the company.

The daughter of the main owner of the Novatek and Sibur companies has been a member of the New Museum Board of Trustees since 2016. Her father in 2009 created the V-A-C Foundation (V-A-C Foundation), a support fund for young Russian artists. Recently, Victoria is also engaged in business - in the summer of 2018, she became the sole owner of the Nova construction company, the Novatek contractor. Victoria basically does not give interviews, refuses to communicate with the media. Almost nothing is known about her younger brother.

In the mid-1990s, the cottage of the owner of NLMK burned down, he sent his sons abroad and has since avoided talking about his family. The eldest son Dmitry has been working in his father’s companies since the mid-2000s, is a member of the boards of directors of many transport companies of the UCL holding, and oversees Ruedia (Business FM and Radio Chocolate). Yuri owns RiskInvest Holding, a Luxembourg-based capital management company, owning 4.25% of the Fletcher Group, which includes NLMK and UCLH. Dmitry believes that the father will transfer control to his sons "even tomorrow." Anastasia is studying at Moscow State University.

The son of the main shareholder of UMMC graduated from the London School of Economics and the Hult Business School, works in the father's group as Deputy General Director for Commercial and Financial Affairs of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant. Together with the Kazakh businessman Kenes Rakishev, he is a partner of the Israeli venture fund Singulariteam (investments in fintech). At the end of 2018, he became the almost wholly-owned owner of Inframine (digital solutions for the metallurgical, coal and chemical industries). Among the clients are Kazzinc, Glencore and UMMC.

The eldest, Natalya, studied literature at Oxford. Returning to Russia, according to Forbes sources, she took up the movie. Ksenia graduated from the University of Edinburgh, studied philosophy and French. She has two sons. Husband - Gleb Frank, son of the CEO of Sovcomflot Sergei Frank. In 2018, Ksenia sold her 12.5% ​​stake in Sogaz, inherited from her father. She works in the Charity Fund of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, which took first place in the ranking of charitable foundations of Russian billionaires Forbes. The youngest son, Ivan, was born in Helsinki, studying international relations at the University of Geneva.
The wife of the owner of Eurochem and SUEK, the former soloist of the Belgrade group Models Alexander Melnichenko (nee Sandra Nikolic) gave birth in 2017 to a second child - a boy, Adrian. The daughters of Melnichenko Tara are seven years old. Children travel with their parents around the world - Melnichenko has homes in Monaco, France, the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland and Russia and two megayachts: the world's largest sailing yacht A and motor yacht A. The last time the whole family was seen on the public beach of the Caribbean island of Anguilla in late March 2019.

The children of the owner of Renova Group of Companies, which came under US sanctions, are closely connected with America. Both graduated from Yale. Irina in 2005 became a co-founder of NP Yale Club in Russia. Alexander is a native US citizen, worked with Renova Venture Fund Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP), owns Ferrari car dealerships in Denver and Philadelphia. Until 2002, Irina worked in New York as an analyst at Citigroup, and in 2002-2009 - in SUAL and Renova. Now lives in Moscow with two children and her husband Salavat Rezbaev, founder of Trilogy Capital Group.

In the summer of 2015, the only daughter of the General Director of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) graduated from the Intek Lomonosov School in the Istra district of the Moscow Region with a gold medal “For special academic success”, after which she entered the paid department of the Higher School of Economics (Higher School of Economics) . At the end of the third year of the baccalaureate in 2018, Maria Andreevna Kozitsyna took the 127th place in the overall ranking of 272 students of her course with an average score of 6.96 out of 10 possible.

In October 2018, co-owner of Lukoil Leonid Fedun transferred 17 million shares from his stake to his son and daughter. Now these shares cost almost $ 1.5 billion, but it is not disclosed whether children can dispose of them at their own discretion and how much is allocated to each. Son Anton lives in London, manages his luxury hotels The Ampersand Hotel and Vintry & Mercer. He graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in Management and Tourism and Regents Business School. His sister Catherine studied at MGIMO and in the same Regents. In 2014, she married Johan Geraskin, technical director of FC Spartak (until October 2018).

The eldest daughter of the owner of Magnitogorsk Tatyana in the mid-2000s was engaged in the supply of the plant's products abroad. Later she started her own business: she had a stake in the Stroy Dvor construction center, now she has the Reconstruction construction company. Olga worked for 13 years at her father’s factory, and in recent years, as finance director of the Moscow representative office of MMK. In 2017, she left this position, retaining a place on the board of directors. Olga owns villas (Villa les Figuiers and Villa Nellcote) in France, which previously belonged to her father. In 2013, she starred in an episode of Timur Bekmambetov’s film “Firs-3.”

In 2013, the owner of Interros, Vladimir Potanin, was the first in Russia to join the Pledge of Donation, promising to give at least 50% of his capital to charity. His older children were fond of aquabike: his son is a multiple champion of Russia, his daughter is three times a world champion. After the aquabike, Anastasia took up dancing, thanks to which she met her husband, the dancer Artem Kruchin. In 2018, they played a wedding in Antibes. Ivan is an analyst at New York-based LR Global, Vasily studied in New York at Friends Academy. In the second marriage, the billionaire has a daughter, Varya, and a son.

The eldest daughter of the founder of Alfa Group, Laura, while studying at Yale, danced in the Yaledancers ballet troupe, after graduation she signed a contract with the Israeli State Ballet. Katya, having graduated from Yale, remained in New York and since August 2018 has been working for Teneo (management consulting). Son Alexander will graduate from Sevenoks in the summer and move from England to the USA - he will study at the Stern business school. He is already engaged in business as a co-founder of the event-agency "Artist Bank" and the company AFF Hookah (hookahs for outsourcing). The younger, Nika, while studying in Moscow.

The owner of Severstal divorced his first wife Elena Mityukova in 1996, when his son Ilya was ten years old. Mordashov does not communicate with him for a long time. From his second wife, also Elena, he has two sons - Cyril and Nikita, Mordashov will give them 65% of the shares of the gold mining company Nordgold. This will allow the brothers to become members of the Forbes list. With his third wife, Marina, the businessman has three children. They all study at the Wunderpark school in New Riga, which their mother opened.
The daughter of the founder of the Magnit network graduated from Kuban State University with an economics program. In high school, Polina began to participate in the life of her father's company: she attended meetings, talked with the heads of departments, delving into the details of management. But Galitsky does not want her to do business. “I saw a business. I do not want such a life for my daughter, ”he said in an interview with“ Russian Norms! ” The businessman’s fears are not unfounded: the Sayklklab fitness center, opened in the summer of 2018, in which Polina owned 50%, is now being liquidated.

The eldest daughter of the former owner of Uralkali, Ekaterina, is engaged in horse riding. Thanks to this, I met with the granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis Athena and agreed with her on the purchase of the Greek island of Scorpios. Now he belongs to the family trust, Catherine is the beneficiary. On the island, her wedding was played with the Uruguayan financier Juan Sartori, who wants to become the president of Uruguay. The couple has two children. The youngest daughter, Rybolovlev Anna lives in Switzerland with his ex-wife Elena, who after the divorce received $ 600 million and was included in the Forbes list.

The son of the co-owner of Evraz began his career in the company of his father. After working for about a year, he moved to Troika Dialog Asset Management as a telecom and IT sector analyst. The heir to the billionaire also tried himself in the civil service at Rosatom, but became disappointed and went to London to get an MBA. There, the future businessman got a job at the DFJ Esprit venture fund, and later, together with a friend with whom he studied at the Higher School of Economics, created his own fund. Target Global is now managing over $ 700 million.

Children of LetterOne shareholder, chairman of the board of directors of the Alfa Bank banking group, Peter Aven, graduated from Yale in 2016 and remained in New York. Denis, who studied economics and mathematics, first worked as an analyst at the Lazard investment company, and in August 2018 he moved to Warburg Pincus, where he specializes in investing in the TMT sector (technology, media and telecom). Daria worked as a product development coordinator at MAC Cosmetics, a New York-based company, and moved to Tom Ford in January 2018.

Alexei Kuzmichev, partner of Mikhail Fridman for Alfa Group and LetterOne, gave birth to twin daughters Margot and Taya at the end of October last year. Their older brother Alexis lives in Paris, studies at one of the best private schools in France, plays tennis, loves music, listens to hard rock with great pleasure. He spent the New Year holidays with his father in St. Moritz, skiing together. Mom Svetlana Kuzmichev-Uspenskaya with two-month-old girls was left downstairs to the sea in Saint-Tropez.

In 2018, the eldest daughter of LetterOne co-owner Eva had a son, he was named Boris in honor of his great-grandfather. Eve lives in London with her husband, Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwan, until recently an employee of Skadden. In April 2018, he was sentenced to 30 days in prison for giving false evidence to FBI agents about his relationship with Rick Gates, partner of former campaign leader Donald Trump Paul Manafort. The youngest daughter, El, is studying at Wellington College in the British county of Berkshire.

The only son of the main owner of the Pipe Metallurgical Company and the Sinara Group lives with his wife and two children in Geneva, runs the Swiss investment fund Lera Uncorrelated Fund, which invests in hedge funds. He is involved in the development of the Bebian family winery located in the south of France in Pezenas. He’s interested in his father’s business - Alexander is a member of the boards of directors of Sinara and TMK, heads the council of SKB Bank, and is engaged in the development of the SKB group (includes Gazenergobank and DeloBank). He plays tennis, is fond of aviation.