Alexander Horoshavin stole a diamond pen while sitting in a jail cell

Observers suspect the hand of General Vladimir Markin.
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On the diamond-encrusted pen worth 36 million rubles, allegedly found among the more than 800 jewelry items in the apartment of the arrested Sakhalin Governor Alexander Khoroshavin often reported in the first days after the official detention. Describes the details of the strange accessory: that it was a product of a series of pen Moscow Skeleton Pen, Montblanc company released a few years ago for the opening of its first boutique in Russia. Circulation limited - only three copies. The body is made of white gold 745 samples (18 carat). A silhouette of Russia on the cap decked in the colors of the flag with precious stones.

Now it turned out that the jewelry was gone. Lawyers found - in the inventory of the property seized from the public servant no diamond pen is not listed.

For the first time an artifact worth 36 million rubles mentioned March 8, 2015 the site of the Investigative Committee. Lyricist - General Vladimir Markin, while he was an official representative of the Ministry. "On the scale of bribery of a senior official can be even judged by the amount of cash seized from him during the search, which is about one billion rubles in various currencies.

The documents indicated that the officer during a search found 11 expensive souvenir pens, five products Waterman cost from 3 thousand to 15 thousand rubles, Faber-Castell for 5 thousand rubles, Montegrappa 150 thousand, four Montblanc (three for 300 rubles, one - 1.2 million rubles). In total, all confiscated from Khoroshavina handles cost about 2.3 million rubles.

Among them - jewelry, watches, souvenir cold steel. As explained by the lawyer of the former governor of RBC Olga Artyukhov, dentures belonged to the mother-in official. The cost of these items, prosecutors could not estimate.

The official representative of the TFR Svetlana Petrenko, citing the secrecy of the investigation and did not answer questions than investigators can confirm the withdrawal from Khoroshavina handle for 36 million, and how to assess its value. Markin, who now works in the "RusHydro" and is responsible for interaction with the media and the authorities, said that the lawyers of the former head of Sakhalin trying to divert attention from the essence of the criminal case.

"The bottom line is, the court, which is soon to begin, assess the evidence of guilt or innocence Khoroshavina. But everything else - simply peel, around which the lawyers want to build their defense. Gone in such subtleties - the reception, but I do not think that is the most effective. The court finally determine that how much, "- said Markin.

The existence of the described products Markin denied himself Horoshavin, who sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin in November 2016. "With a light hand of the Investigative Committee has launched a lie about my untold riches that resulted in the declaration of the presence of Markina I" handle for 36 million rubles billion under the bed. " Excuses was pointless even trying. Now, when the materials of the case found that there was no handle for 36 million rubles billion under the bed I did not think this information is up to you not finished ", - says the message.

Horoshavin arrested in March 2015. He is charged with ten counts - taking bribes in the amount of 522 million rubles, and money laundering.

In September 2015 the prosecutor's office appealed to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court and asked to convey to the state property of the former governor, the cost of which is estimated at 1.1 billion rubles. According to the supervisory authority, real estate, cars and luxury items Khoroshavina cost "significantly exceeds the aggregate income" of his family. The court satisfied the claim of the prosecutor's office.

Lawyers Khoroshavina and his family disputed the court's decision. They point out that the law allows to pay only the registered property to the state, such as apartments, cars and action; jewelry and watches is not covered. In addition, the property seized not only the couple, but also adult son Khoroshavina, which is also prohibited by law, indicates protection. According to the archives of the agency "Ruspres", similar considerations guided the court, returning figurant scandal with "Oboronservis" means Evgenia Vasilyeva seized her jewelry.