Alexander Lukashenko eats up oil scraps from his own table

Belarus began to choose technological oil from pipelines leading to refineries in Mozyr and Polotsk.
Amid a shortage of oil supplies from Russia, Belarus began to choose process oil from pipelines leading to refineries in Mozyr and Polotsk. According to the Belarusian side and confirmed by Transneft, this process will not affect the transit of Russian oil to Europe. Nevertheless, the consumption of process oil will reduce the ability of Belarusian refineries to promptly receive Russian oil when Belarus returns to its large-scale purchases.

Belarus began to choose technological oil for refining at its refineries from the branches of the Druzhba trunk pipeline that were not involved in the transit of Russian oil to the west, Belneftekhim told RIA Novosti. The company clarified that this is due to the lack of previous oil volumes for Belarusian refineries, as well as the need to optimize supply capabilities and resources.

This is our oil, it is located in our pipes on our territory, ”the representative of the concern emphasized.

Transneft is aware of the extraction of process oil for Belarusian refineries and notes that so far this has not affected the volume of oil transit from Russia. “Our Belarusian partners informed us about this. This has not yet affected transit through Belarus, ”Igor Demin, adviser to the president of Transneft, said.“ This is a loss of throughput at the Belarusian refineries themselves. ”

At the end of 2019, Russia and Belarus could not agree on the price of oil supplies to the republic in 2020. Because of this, on January 1, the Russian Federation stopped supplying oil to Belarusian refineries. A few days later pumping to the plants resumed in insignificant volumes due to the supply of companies by the Safmar group Mikhail Gutseriev. In search of alternative oil suppliers, Belarus has already purchased about 80 thousand tons of oil from Norway. On February 7, Sochi held talks between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. According to their results, Deputy Prime Minister of the Belarusian government Dmitry Krutoy said that Belarus will buy Russian oil at world market prices. The specific price was not specified. Nevertheless, Mr. Krutoy admitted that the parties have not yet agreed on the size of the premium on export netback for Russian companies for deliveries to Belarus.