Alexander Lukashenko leaves sugar factory directors for dessert

The President of Belarus surprised: the “sugar business” is developing according to a scenario unique to the republic.
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If earlier the “shake-up” campaigns were carefully covered by the state media, then the current events were generally left off screen. At the same time, nothing is still known about the situation of a number of arrested persons, which gave rise to call them “disappeared”.

The story began on January 24, when the plane of the usual Belavia flight from Minsk to Munich, having managed to complete more than half of the route, abruptly changed course in the sky over Polish Wroclaw and flew in the opposite direction - back to Belarus. Passengers announced a technical malfunction. The plane landed at the airport of the border Grodno, where, according to the testimony of passengers, a group of border guards and customs officers boarded who announced the names of six people who should follow them with hand luggage and luggage.

Among the Belavia departed from the flight were the leaders of two Belarusian sugar factories: the director of the Slutsk sugar refinery Nikolay Prudnik and the director of the Gorodeysky sugar refinery Mikhail Krishtapovich. Also, members of their families were withdrawn from the aircraft. On the same day, the largest Belarusian Telegram channel NEXTA announced the detention of director of the Zhabinka Sugar Plant Viktor Mironov: the head of the enterprise was charged with receiving a bribe in the amount of 20 thousand US dollars, he was taken out in handcuffs directly from his office. Later that day, the director of the Skidel Sugar Plant Dmitry Egorov was detained. Thus, all the leaders of the sugar industry in Belarus in one day were imprisoned.

All "sugar directors" at one time received positions thanks to the president of Belarus. Journalists from independent publications could not find out in the press services of sugar factories, where their leaders are now located. In addition, there are still no official comments by representatives of the Investigative Committee and the KGB of the republic on the status of the “disappeared” representatives of the “sugar mafia”, as they already dubbed industry leaders on the Web.

On Monday, the "detective" was further developed: the former head of the 2nd Directorate of the GUBOPiK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Tikhin was sent under arrest. According to NEXTA, the former security official was detained for taking a bribe of US $ 2,000 from one of Minsk businessmen for transferring a prisoner connected with the “sugar mafia” from one colony to another. In addition, they say that it was Tikhin who prompted Krishtapovich and Prudnik with the idea of ​​a "departure for a vacation," since he had information about the upcoming sweeps.

On Tuesday, the situation developed: the list of "disappeared" was added to Dmitry Kirillov, head of the Belarusian Sugar Company, the main seller of sugar and products of one of the largest confectionery factories in Belarus, Kommunarka, on the Russian market. The company’s press service responded to requests from TUT.BY journalists that their leader was on a business trip and flew to Minsk last week.

While there is no more detailed information on the course of the "sugar business". Nevertheless, the Belarusian economist, the head of the Strategy center, Leonid Zaiko, said in an interview with the portal that 10 years ago he made calculations and came to the conclusion that in almost all neighboring countries Belarusian sugar was sold at a lower price than on the domestic market . According to the latest data, the situation has not changed: if now a kilogram of sugar produced by the Slutsk plant costs 31 rubles 90 kopecks in Moscow, then in Minsk a similar package can be purchased for one and a half Belarusian rubles (approximately 44 Russian rubles).