Alexander Mamut got control over Central Children's Store on Lubyanka

VTB confirmed the signing of an agreement with an investment group A&NN about the transfer of Central Children's Store.
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Businessman Alexander Mamut became Governor of the Central Children's Store at Lubyanka (EBM previously - Central "Detsky Mir"). Mamut's structures have successfully completed negotiations with VTB Group on the management of EBM, and in February they will replace the company "Gals-Development", which now manages the shop. This is related sources of "Izvestiya", close to the negotiations. VTB's representatives confirmed the "Izvestia" the conclusion of the agreement.

- VTB Group confirms that the Central Children's Store at the Lubyanka from 28 January transferred to the control unit for the development of projects in the field of retail company A & NN Retail Investment Group A & NN Alexander Mamut. Transfer commercial property in the management of professional companies is standard practice. We expect that the attraction of a new manager will not only make EBM more commercially attractive target, but also a center of attraction for all children and their parents.

According to "Izvestia", the agreement between the bank and the new management company was signed for 5 years. The financial parameters of the deal are notaskryvayutsya. The staff of EBM has already announced that will manage the shop Mamut structure.

The company "Gals-Development", on the balance of which is the object, declined to comment.

The interest billionaire Alexander Mamut to EBM became known late last year. The fact that its structure is negotiating with VTB Group on the management of the store on Lubyanka Square, according to RBC.

In November 2015 Mamut in an interview to television channel "Russia 24" announced plans associated with the EBM: "I would really like. My dream - to make this a great fabulous store, like Gianni Rodari in "Journey Blue arrows." I would like to see parents and children are given here to their satisfaction. "

The program Mamut criticized the image of the bear in sandals, employee store advertising, noting that in sandals Russian people for a long time does not go. The businessman said that the main reason why he wants to become a manager, - to improve the quality of the space, "Once" Gals "rehabilitated this space, opened Bilibinsky ceiling - it should be fun to inhabit modern trainznyu where it would be interesting to young families. "

In December, the "Gals-Development" explained "Izvestia", that the control of EBM is to be found after the tender, since it is a state subject. VTB and "tack" is difficult to say whether the tender was conducted. Apparently, Mamut was the only candidate seriously considered.

Mamut in his victory was certain, and in the summer he was looking for the director to manage this object among foreigners, told "Izvestia" Yevgeny Butman, Mamut partner at Ideas4retail. At the same Mamut Butman not considered as the object manager. Although the latter wanted to take control of EBM, in early 2012, he proposed "Gals-Development" this idea and even wrote a complete concept for the store, but he refused. Now Ideas4retail is the anchor tenant in EBM with their store Hamleys.

As reported by "News», Ideas4retail will develop a chain of stores under the brand leader of entertainment The Walt Disney Co. The local shopping centers will be two brands, which have no analogues in the world specifically designed for PSMAI: Disney Play (toys) and Disney Style (clothes).


Central "Detsky Mir" on Lubyanka Square was opened on June 6, 1957. The shopping center was closed for renovation and restoration of July 1, 2008. VTB has received a building shop of AFK "System". Before that it was planned that after the reconstruction of the anchor tenant of the shopping center will be a network of "Children's World", also belongs to the "System". Developer and manager of the store was "Gals-Development".

Updated Central Children's store in Lubyanka opened after six years of renovation March 31, 2015..

Before the reconstruction area of ​​EBM amounted to 54.5 thousand sq. M. m, of which trade - 21 thousand sq. m. m. After the reconstruction of the store on Lubyanka Square was 73 thousand sq. m. m area, including tenants got 34.6 thousand sq. m. m. Investment in the reconstruction estimated at 8 billion rubles.

Areas leased largest tenants (Hamley's, «Kidburg", "Formula Kino", "Dinopark", "ABC taste" and others.).