Alexander Mamut swung a bill on MTS and Yandex

The Chamber of Patent Disputes rejected the claims of Rambler Group against MTS due to the MTS.Afisha trademark, the same complaint was filed with Yandex.
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The Chamber for Patent Disputes did not prohibit MTS from using the MTS.Afisha trademark, as required by Afisha Company, a member of the Rambler Group, the operator’s press service said.

The Afisha Company is unhappy that MTS and Yandex use the Afisha trademark in the name of their services, Vedomosti reported. The fact that the company affiliated with the Rambler Group filed a claim with the Chamber for Patent Disputes became known on December 20 from the materials of the Chamber.

MTS.Afisha is a site with a schedule of performances, film shows and concerts where you can buy tickets. Yandex has a similar Yandex.Afish service. Companies registered these trademarks this year: MTS in March, and Yandex in June.

Consideration of the complaint against Yandex in the Chamber for Patent Disputes is scheduled for December 26.

The Afisha Company is the founder of the Afisha publication. At first it was a magazine, then it had an online version, which over time became an independent platform with reviews, announcements and ticket sales. Now the Afisha ticket sales service is integrated into the Rambler Cashier. The publication of the Afisha print magazine was discontinued in 2016.

A Forbes source familiar with the situation said that MTS filed the MTS.Afisha trademark for registration before use. Rospatent considered that it does not contradict other designations and registered it.

This is the third claim from Rambler Group to other companies in a little more than a week. On December 12, the Rambler Group announced a violation of its exclusive rights to the Nginx web server, developed by the company's former associates and sold in March by the American F5 for $ 670 million. On the same day, searches were conducted in the Nginx Moscow office and in the founders' houses. A criminal case was opened against “unidentified persons”. In support of Nginx and against the resolution of the dispute through a criminal case, top managers of Yandex and Group, as well as the head of Sberbank German Gref, spoke out. After that, the Rambler Extraordinary Board of Directors instructed to terminate the contract with the Cypriot company Lynwood, which was transferred the right to make claims, and also called for the withdrawal of the allegation of violation of rights to the web server.

In addition, the Rambler Group filed a lawsuit against the Twitch streaming platform to stop the broadcast of football matches of the English Premier League. Rambler owns exclusive rights to them in Russia, and the company demanded to block Twitch and recover from it a record compensation of 180 billion rubles. Similar claims were made by Rambler to Match TV. In the end, they deleted the content, and Rambler withdrew the claim without compensation.