Alexander Nistratov hiding in the US

Re-arrested in absentia ex-assistant head of the Federal Property Management Agency Alexander Nistratov defends the green card of the United States.
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The plot, in general, is a stereotype: he was accused of large-scale machinations, left on time, was arrested in absentia. Under this scheme, the investigation of many financial frauds is developing. No exception - the absentee arrest of the former assistant to the head of the Federal Property Management Agency, Alexander Nistratov, who is accused in Russia of fraud in especially large amounts. But the Moscow investigators have to settle for communication only with podelnikami Nistratov - he himself has long traveled to the US and even received a green card.

The other day Tverskoy District Court of Moscow ruled on the absentee arrest of the ex-assistant head of the Federal Property Management Agency. The charge brought against Alexander Nistratov concerns the sale of the property of OJSC "Kvant-N", which at one time worked "on space", at a deliberately low price. Nistratov, the investigation believes, was the organizer of the scheme for selling a complex of buildings with a total area of ​​60,000 sq. M., Located on the territory of more than 6 hectares on the third Mytishchi street in Moscow.

How the billions were lost

The criminal case concerning the sale of buildings of JSC Kvant-N was initiated in the summer of 2015 after the audit of the Accounting Chamber and on the application of Roskosmos (this was the structure of the company that was engaged in the development of autonomous power supply sources). In 2011, with the filing of the head of the department, Vladimir Kozhin, "Kvant-N" was transferred to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Center for Financial and Legal Support". The General Director of the FSUE Nikolay Skrypnikov asked the City Collegium of Appraisers and Avrora Consulting North-West LLC to evaluate the market value of the shares of Kvant-N.

"The Board" valued the shares at 749 million rubles, "Aurora" - in 703 million. In April 2012, it bought 716 million registered in the offshore British Virgin Islands LLC Temperance - won a tender at the auction LLC Strictum.

Examination conducted on the appeal of the investigation, evaluated the shares of "Quantum" is much more expensive. "The price is understated relative to a reliable market value," the investigation is convinced, the amount of 1.76 billion rubles is indicated in the case materials. This means that the damage caused to the state amounted to about 1 billion. And this was "bred", initially it was about 3.5 billion. The injured party to the case recognized the Russian Federation in the person of the President's managerial staff.

"It is established that the perpetrators implemented the illegal scheme of selling 100% of the shares of the enterprise at a reduced cost to a controlled entity, whose founders are foreign" offshore "organizations," the Interior Ministry officially informed. The damage from the deal, according to experts, amounted to 2 billion rubles. This was the reason for the initiation of a criminal case on fraud in a particularly large amount. The deal on the sale of state assets was recognized as insignificant by the decision of the arbitration court, the money paid for the shares of the OJSC was turned into state revenue, and the shares themselves were returned to the original owner - the Federal Property Agency.

Sixth, I can not hear you ...

They applied for the absentee arrest of the former top manager of the Federal Property Management Agency, the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the investigation of the case of major fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) is entering the final phase. Ostankinsky Court of Moscow is already interrogating five defendants - ex-director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Center for Financial and Legal Support" of the President of the Russian Federation Nikolay Skrypnikov, his deputy Alexander Vedin, former CEO of Kvant-N Andrey Grishin, general director of Strictum LLC and a close the well-known Nistratov Anna Myagkov, as well as Stanislav Korenkov, General Director of Temperance LLC. It is assumed that all of them - podelniki Nistratov on the case for the sale of property "Quantum-N." At the moment, only Grishin admitted partial guilt. But the process is not over - ahead of the debate of the parties.

As the media reported, only about 70 people are witnesses in the case, including Vladimir Putin's assistant for military-technical cooperation (and former head of the department) Vladimir Kozhin and ex-head of the Federal Property Management Agency, State Duma deputy Yuri Petrov. The property complex of JSC "Kvant-N" at the time of the alienation of shares from the property of the Russian Federation consisted of not less than 18 real estate objects of various sizes and three plots of land in the area of ​​ul. 3rd Mytishchinskaya, 16 in Moscow. Also as of November 18, 2014, JSC "Kvant-N" owned land plots at the indicated address with a total area of ​​5.9 hectares.

In addition to the aforementioned five, in the courtroom should have been questioned by Alexander Nistratov, as the main figurant. But he immediately flew to the United States after the institution of a criminal case - he has a family and real estate there. In the summer of 2016, Nistratov was put on the federal wanted list, then (after an absentee arrest) - to the international ... However, the efforts of the lawyers led to the fact that the arrest was successfully appealed, and then abolished in the Supreme Court. This caused the automatic cancellation of the international search and the removal of Nistratov from the search bases - than the ex-employee of the Federal Property Management Agency immediately took advantage of.