Alexander Plutnik is happy to spend money on employees

The State House of the Russian Federation has become the absolute leader in the Frank RG rating for spending per employee among banks and financial institutions.
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For each of the approximately 300 employees of the former AHML, they allocate more than 500,000 rubles a month. This is an average of 5 times the payout of the largest market participants like Sberbank, Tinkoff and the Agricultural Bank.

As Frank RG considered staff costs. Calculations were carried out according to banks from quarterly reports for 2018. The general wage fund of financial organizations was divided by the average number of employees, payments to management were not taken into account. The total amount includes income tax, social tax and social benefits.

More details.

VEB.RF, which employs almost 1,500 people, and ING Eurasia, with a staff of less than 300 employees, also ranked among the top three - they spend an average of 400,000 rubles per employee.

Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank and Unicreditbank close the top ten, allocating more than 130 thousand rubles per person. Alfa-Bank became the only private bank among the leaders of the rating, the other banks - foreign, state or quasi-state. Alpha has the largest number of employees from the top 10 - almost 25 thousand people.

Leaders of the domestic financial market like Sberbank, VTB, Rosselkhozbank were not included in the rating. Least of all payments accounted for Rosselkhozbank, which was unable to enter into the twenty with its 60 thousand rubles for each of the 25,000 employees.
Sberbank was on the 20th line of the rating because of the large staff - it employs more than 240 thousand people across the country, for each of which the bank allocates almost 90 thousand rubles a month. VTB didn’t have quite a bit to move Unicredit Bank in the rating and get into the top ten: it spends almost 130 thousand rubles for an employee, there are more than 48 thousand.

Context. The high level of costs is due to the high qualifications and narrow specialization of workers, explained Dom.RF. “The number of such specialists in the market is limited, and in order to attract them, a strategy is used to establish the amount of wages above average market values,” the press service said.

Dom.RF is engaged in the development of mortgage lending, rental housing market, works on the land market and develops urban and support infrastructure. Net income in 2018 - 19.3 billion rubles. In addition, he created a universal mortgage and construction bank, which in 2020 should enter the top 3 banks in terms of mortgage loans.

Bank Dom.RF also entered the rating - it is in 13th place with a cost of 106 thousand rubles per employee.

Frank RG leader ING Eurasia also headed the 2018 RIA Novosti rating of wages among banks from 347 thousand rubles per employee. The second place was taken by Nordea Bank, the third - by NCC Bank.