Alexander Plutnik will score all their controlled turkeys

Avian flu pushes the Eurodon group, controlled by Dom.rf, to take decisive action against turkey.
Having faced two outbreaks of bird flu since the beginning of the year, Eurodon, the second largest producer of turkey in Russia, can score all the remaining 35 thousand heads of parent flocks (used for reproduction). This is necessary to prevent new foci of the disease and may contribute to the search for an investor. Interested in an asset for which VEB expects to gain 10 billion rubles, in particular, Cherkizovo.

"Eurodon" can get rid of the entire parent stock of turkey, a source told "Kommersant" in the industry. According to him, in this way the company wants to prevent possible new outbreaks of bird flu in birds. Since the beginning of 2019, the virus has been identified at two sites of the group, where more than 6 thousand heads were kept. “The virus may be in a dormant state in a bird that got sick but did not die. Consequently, all livestock is constantly under threat, ”explains the source,“ Kommersant ”, familiar with the situation. Eurodon confirmed that, according to expert advice, they consider the possibility of slaughtering the parent flock as "virtually the only measure to prevent subsequent outbreaks of bird flu." Decisions have not yet been made, clarified there. According to the interlocutor of “Kommersant”, gradually “Eurodon” can also drive a commercial herd, and then preserve the sites for several months. According to its own data, today “Eurodon” contains about 35 thousand heads of turkey parent stock and about 900 thousand heads - commercial.

Eurodon is the second largest producer of turkey in Russia after Damate, Naum Babayev and Rashid Khairov. According to Agrifood Strategies, in 2018, the group produced 45 thousand tons of turkey meat in slaughter weight, occupying 17% of the market in physical terms (259.08 thousand tons). In September 2018, the main owner and creditor of Eurodon VEB had a conflict with the founder and, at that time, the general director of the group, Vadim Vaneev.

The bank offered him to voluntarily withdraw from management, pointing out the lack of a high-quality production management organization and management mistakes. Prior to this, Eurodon did not transfer to VEB another payment in the amount of 240 million rubles. on the loan. In November 2018, the meeting of participants of “Eurodon” removed Mr. Vaneev from the post of general director, the management of LLC Evrodon and LLC Evrodon-Yug passed to LLC RK-Project (included in the perimeter of Dom.RF). In January 2019, Vadim Vaneev also ceased to own minority stakes in the group companies. Artistic director of the Mariinsky Theater Valery Gergiev retained 15% of Eurodon LLC.

According to the estimates of the president of Agrifood Strategies Albert Davleev, the processing capacity of Eurodon will allow to score up to 50 thousand turkey heads a day. Thus, about 900 thousand birds can be slaughtered for up to three weeks. Based on the average weight of a turkey at 15 kg, “Eurodon” can produce about 15 thousand tons of products over this period, the expert estimated. As he notes, it will be difficult to enter such a volume into the schedule of purchases of retail chains: “some of the products can be sold to processors, some of them can be frozen and gradually realized within a few months”. Based on the price of 200 rubles. for 1 kg, “Eurodon” can receive about 3 billion rubles from the sale of products, follows from the calculations of Agrifood Strategies.
In Eurodon, it is noted that the resetting of parent turkey herds at the sites of the group will also facilitate the search for a new investor to manage and acquire an asset. Failure to maintain their own parent flocks and the transition to the purchase of hatching eggs from third-party suppliers will help reduce significant costs in production, they believe. In the “RK-project” they told “Kommersant” that several players are showing interest in “Eurodon” today, without going into details. According to the source "b", among them "Damate", a group of "Cherkizovo" family Mikhailov and Agrocomplex them. N. I. Tkachev (belongs to the family of the former head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev). Close to Cherkizovo interlocutor “Kommersant” says that the group is ready to explore the asset in perspective. The company declined to comment. The representative of “Damate” also entered. The agrocomplex did not respond to the query “b”.

According to a Kommersant source familiar with VEB's estimates, the optimization of Eurodon, taking into account the nulling of the parent flock and the reduction of redundant personnel, will allow to gain about 10 billion rubles from the sale of the asset The bank does not exclude the transfer of an asset to the management of a new profile investor, provided that it takes over all operating expenses, he adds. According to Igor Buchatsky, a senior adviser at Bain & Company, asset management will allow a potential investor to study in detail all the processes before a possible transaction for some time. If any problems are solved at this stage, the management company will lose some of the funds, but incomparably less than the cost of an unsuccessful purchase could be.