Alexander Prokopiev clears up the road to the dietary supplements market for Americans

Foreign pharmaceutical companies may soon completely replace the Russian manufacturers on the market of biological additives (BAA).
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Foreign pharmaceutical companies may soon completely replace the Russian manufacturers on the market of biological additives (BAA). This is facilitated by methods of unfair competition, which sin some pharmaceutical companies while popustiteltve public authorities.

So far the richest of the current State Duma deputies from the Altai Territory, "United Russia" Alexander Prokopiev is trying to extend its mandate in the Russian parliament, associated with its mother company "Evalar" does not seem to shun unscrupulous business practices.

Manufacturers of dietary supplements from St. Petersburg (RIA company "Panda" and its "daughter" of "Vis" LLC) accused "Evalar" and Western farmgigantov in raiding. The announcement was made as part of the film Andrei Karaulov "war on dietary supplements market -" Evalar. " Playing without rules. " The standoff began when "Evalar" and several non-profit organizations have accused RIA "Panda" that their Badakhshan, namely known for commercials "Sealeks Forte" and "Ali Caps" allegedly containedsynthetic substance Tadalafil, the journalist reported. This substance is an active ingredient of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and is prohibited for use in Badakhshan, designed to enhance male potency.

It is noteworthy that both of these additives - the so-called aphrodisiacs - account for 40% of sales of "Panda". It is for him was a study initiated by the SRO NPO supplements of the approved methodology Rospotrebnadzor. "As the manufacturer claims about the absence of Badakhshan in these synthetic substances can make an unambiguous conclusion that the chemist's networks present a large scale adulteration" - leads portal Vademecum words of executive director of SRO NPO BAA Leonid Maryanovsky.

As a result, the Federal Service began to withdraw these drugs from pharmacies, was then banned and their advertising. Sale "Sealeks Forte" and "Ali Capps' and banned in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A number of media published a heartbreaking story about the fact that the basis of these dietary supplements is pure chemistry, injuring the male body and able to cause a heart attack.

The RIA "PaNDA ", however, the study referred to misinform and CPO charged with dissemination of information based" on false facts and their interpretations. " "Continuing legal action in the Republic of Kazakhstan, - said the" age "of the president RIA" Panda "Dmitry Dergachov. - Sales are still banned in a number of the PDS, but the brands present in the market, since not all revoked certificates. We are working to return prohibited items to the market, we have a lot of documents proving reviews illegality and clear signs of corruption that accompanied the review, there is even a record of the court in Kazakhstan, where the laboratory directly recognized - without standards, without techniques, without accreditation - was ordered to find and we found the order came directly from of health Vice Minister Alexey Tsoi. "

The same pressure is likely to occur in Russia. Back in February of this year, pharmaceutical company has published results of a study conducted in 2015 with the assistance of FGNBU "All-Russian Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants" on the Squareoschadkah GBU Health in Moscow "Center for drug supply and quality control of the Department of Health in Moscow" and FGBNU "Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition," which confirmed the absence of tadalafil in the composition of dietary supplements "Sealeks forte" and "Ali Caps". Experts have found that both drugs are present substances of vegetable origin, which on a number of parameters coincide with tadalafil, but in fact are not.

"Plant sources are irrelevant to the synthetic tadalafil to be safe and approved for use, - Dergachov notes. - We are ready to provide any information and investigative bodies, the media and the scientific community. Moreover, we propose to organize a broad discussion on the definition of scientific criteria for the identification of synthetic substances in Badakhshan. Now this method is not, and attention to the issue very much. This attempt to make use of unscrupulous players in the market - we can see how much pressure is on the Federal Service. We see that the investigating authorities had actually entered in ZabolSuppress. " He added only scientific and expert discussion in the media could correct the situation and prevent the withdrawal of the Russian market with many domestic manufacturers.

With Dergachov agree and many medical researchers who have in 2011, "the Russian medical journal" called tadalafil "the most efficient in the highest material safety profile." It is, for example, contained in the American preparation "Cialis" and a variety of illegal Indian generics, which generally sell online shopping, informed the guard at the "moment of truth".

And Rospotrebnadzor, say, noticed listed dietary supplements only after treatment SRO BAA NGOs. The "Panda" this interest self-regulatory organization to explain the fact that this non-profit partnership was established with the participation of competitors - the company "Evalar" and Pfizer. By the way, it was reported that in relation to other market participants dietary supplements for some reason, no tests have been conducted. In the company "Evalar" request "Century" left without comment.

In a March interview "" uchreturer 'EPWD Pharma "(the former supplier of another prohibited substance) Fishter Eugene said that the CPO has intensified only in 2015, when the founders entered the western manufacturers of dietary supplements. And Dmitry Dergachov confident that his company just squeeze out from the market. "We were chosen as a target for destruction, - he said. - The company "Evalar" - the main competitor in the market. The company's number one. We - the company number two. They offered us either cleaned with the market for themselves, or we will destroy you. We all said: you have to accept, because together we are stronger, we have cleared the market for themselves. "

Share, apparently, is what. According to Leonid Maryanovsky, dietary supplements market size for men is about 5 billion. Rubles per year. Moreover, no complaints on the effect of these drugs for 10 years of their presence in the market have been reported, he said in his transfer guard. Analyst THEIR "Finam" Timur Nigmatullin said earlier: despite the negative economic situation on the market of dietary supplements and vitamins in Russia attractive for investment, especially funds from erectile dysfunction and dieticheskih additives.

Petersburg manufacturers of dietary supplements remind: from "Evalar", apparently, a good position in government - already referred to a State Duma deputy, the son of the main possessive of Mr Prokopiev. "Prokopiev, pursuing their own business interests, completely ignoring the problems of the citizens and residents of the region, is trying to regain the status of a State Duma deputy," - said the deputy countryman, former candidate for mayor of Biisk (there is the main production of pharmaceutical companies) Andrew Nagaitsev.

What kind of patriotism and decency can say, if the MP is rumored to be not only involved in this war, nutritional supplements, but also, it seems, almost clears the Russian market for US farmgigantov - Pfizer and Eli Lilly? After all, according to the president RIA "Panda", St. Petersburg company is under constant attack from all sorts of inspection bodies, without objective reasons for the past seven years! "The whole system over 15-20 years chemists accustomed to more expensive Western products, first disappeared cheap Analgin, Naphthyzinum tablets cough and other penny drugs - govorit Dergachov. - For some reason, in the United States, where the problem of falsification of dietary supplements also exists, one can not afford such lawlessness. legally impossible to finish us, and for the lawlessness we can finish. "

All these attacks on domestic producers is all the more strange that, in terms of sanctions and economic crisis, Russian authorities have embarked on import substitution. Extrude native companies from the market means a reduction of taxes, jobs and replacement of Russian available on expensive imported drugs (possibly dubious). US corporations (and, it seems, not only American), as can be seen, attacking domestic producers under the scheme captures the popular back in the 90s.

"Enterprises are literally squeezed using raids and local officials to contribute to this and, probably, in this they have an interest, - says a well-known blogger Mikhail Nefedov (nemihail). - And the deputies also somehow strangely forgotten about import substitution. Yes, it is US companies for American money lobbying for their interests and in our market, and our deputies theat the very help, and, apparently, not a "thank you." In short, we are now seeing a picture by displacement of domestic manufacturers of dietary supplements, which means that very soon, remained a monopoly on this market, Western companies will be fully manipulate our wallets. "

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