Alexander Sharygo will be in jail till he's blue in the face

Son of a big Moscow businessman Konstantin Sharygo, Alexander, will continue to be in a confinement cell. 
Moscow's Tverskoy court on August 25 to October 23 extended the term of his detention. Alexander Sharygo accused of "rape" model Anna Lisovskaya (in the world - an elite prostitute Anna Medvedkov), and behind the bars, he is already on 10 January.

Recall, according to investigators, 21-year-old Sharygo - son of a big Moscow businessman Konstantin Sharygo - in an apartment in downtown Moscow raped model Lisowski in on January 8, 2016 night. The victim was taken to a hospital, and a few days later Sharygo came to the police station, "to find out incomprehensible situation for him," where he was detained. The defendant denies rape, and his lawyer insists on mitigating and preventive measures translation defendant under house arrest.

Russian media have repeatedly drawn attention to the strangeness of the case. Allegedly beaten up and raped Lisowski Sharygo why things go voluntarily to surrender to the police, but has a residence permit in France, where he lived in Nice for several years, his father, Constantine Sharygo. According to unconfirmed information, the elder engaged Sharygo transport and construction business in Moscow Yuri Luzhkov era, and then decided to retire.

The history of this "rape" was indicative unwound according to Russian media, the organizers are not stingy even prepay January 14, 2016 broadcast, the program Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk," where Anna Lisovskaya complained bitterly about the behavior of Alexander Sharygo and claimed that she received threats from his family . Then, it changes position, and Lisovskaya said that she allegedly offered to 7 million rubles for the fact that it took the statements. Despite this, the "brave" Anya stood his ground: "I do not need money, I need justice." However, some observers have noticed that shown on television and in the media bruises "Lisovska" may actually be trivial makeup.

Funny thing about this story is that no "known Centerfolds" Anna Lisovskaya not exist in nature, as well as questionable cool version of Anna Lisovskaya stepfather, a businessman from Switzerland (theth version of it rubbed in "Pustro say"). But as Smolensk found Media, Anna has Medvedkov from the district center of Yartsevo Smolensk region, left for 17 years to conquer Moscow. In the Russian capital pushy provincial instantly turned into an escort agency. Scope escort services - is poorly camouflaged elite prostitution, which is used by businessmen, officials, etc. solvent people. Many bought specifically with them on business trips abroad a couple of elite prostitutes to have fun with them "on the spot".

Through these activities, Anna Lisovskaya Medvedkov-I visited Europe, where he met in Monaco with droopy ears Alexander Sharygo. About when and how much young idler, where he studied and where he lived permanently in the silent sources. But we know that at his disposal had an apartment in downtown Moscow. Perhaps, then either have Lisovska or her "owners" of the agency and had a plan for "divorce" the rich, "Papic" Sasha Sharygo money. major media and administrative resources was connected, resulting in Sharygo Jr.dshy Now smokes the bamboo behind bars since January 2010. And all attempts of his father's "resolve the issue" were unsuccessful.

Perhaps the calculation of Constantine Sharygo that influential businessman with capital "garter" will be able to quickly break the resistance of the prostitute-blackmailer, was incorrect. It is worth remembering that the Russian people can sit in jail for years and, if he does not agree with the "roof" Medvedkov-Lisovskaya not pay compensation, his son can personally verify this. For example, recently convicted for corruption Mayor Konstantin Urlashov Yaroslavl to the sentence he spent almost 3 years in jail.