Alexander Shchukin will bring Konstantin Remchukov in the face

The coal king of Kuzbass responded to the article in Nezavisimaya Gazeta with a lawsuit against the publication and its editor-in-chief Konstantin Remchukov.
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After Nezavisimaya Gazeta published a story about the Russian oligarch Alexander Shchukin and his possible involvement in extortion, forgery of documents and the implementation of fraudulent schemes, the businessman filed a suit against honor and dignity against the media and his editor-in-chief Konstantin Remchukov.

In February 2018, the online newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta posted an article on its website entitled "The Trustee and the" Trustful "Oligarch." This material was devoted to the activities of a large businessman Alexander Shchukin, whose name is on the list of the richest Russians. In particular, it states that an entrepreneur is held as an accused in a criminal case for extorting shares in Inskaya, which operates in the coal industry, for 1 billion rubles.

In addition, the newspaper notes that the oligarch may be charged with falsifying documents (if specifically, bills of enterprises of the ShTK and SHTY), on the basis of which Shchukin intended to recover from the company's non-existent debts. Nezavisimaya Gazeta stresses that Shchukin lays the blame for everything on his friends, claiming that he had no idea of ​​the violations committed, but according to her position, the oligarch deliberately tries to blame the people from his entourage.

Shchukin reacted to this material by applying to the court. Defendants of his suit on protection of honor and dignity are the editorial staff of Nezavisimaya Gazeta and the editor-in-chief Konstantin Remchukov. At the same time, Shchukin asserts that the material is "customized", and its publication is due to a conflict between the oligarch on the one hand and his ex-business partner RB. Rostovtsev and former lawyer GVFrank on the other.

As the plaintiff believes, it is the aforementioned persons who finance the campaign against him in the media, and the uniform stylistics of articles and the similarity of their content serve as sufficient evidence of his rightness. According to the position of Shchukin, the dissemination of such information is a slander - a criminal offense, and in this case the situation is complicated by the fact that the information discrediting it was presented in the media and contains accusations against the plaintiff in committing grave and especially serious crimes. The lawsuit demands that the information on fraudulent bills, extortion, fraud and attempts by Shchukin be transferred to those close to him who do not correspond to reality and discrediting the honor and dignity of the plaintiff, oblige Remchukov to post a refutation on the Nezavisimaya Gazeta website and collect from the editorial office grand master for 5 million rubles in compensation for moral harm.

Comment of attorney Shchukin Elena Yulova:

Duty to Shukin in the amount of about one billion rubles had a section of Kırgai and Taldinskaya mine, owned by Shchukin and Rostovtsev. Purchased by the former partners, the loss-making assets did not cope with servicing the debts created by the previous owners, and it was decided to bankrupt the cut and the mine, and transfer all the property, transfer all the personnel to the newly formed subsidiaries of ZAO Mine Kyrgayskaya - ShTK and ZAO "Mine Taldinskaya" -Yuzhnaya "- SHTE.

Obviously, according to the representatives of ShTK and STE in the processes - the "daughters" had no debts to Shchukin, but the debts of the "mother" mines were not buried - through a series of transactions Shchukin in 2011 Rostovtsev, on Shchukin's birthday, handed over the promissory notes ShTK and SHTY, asking to postpone the payment of the debt until 2015. What was in 2015 - it is widely known, the STC and the STS passed under Rostovtsev's control.

In May 2016, Schukin's lawyer Timur Frank reminded the latter of his debt - the time to collect debts came, and offered to sell them for 1 billion rubles. JSC "Business Investments", which was supposed to be paid in a year. We still can not learn from the obstacles of the Business Investments management on the basis of what transactions and when Shchukin became the owner of 2/3 of the share capital in Business Investments, because it always belonged to legal entities. All judicial acts on the processes of Shchukin, who at the moment is a "participant" of Business-Ivestia and yet can not even change the director, is officially available. And, by the way, 1 billion for the sold bills Schukin never received. But that's not the point.

Shchukin wanted just to return his debt, his lawyers just wanted to earn interest - the amount of debt and the amount of claims are very different. Nothing criminal.
Defendants ШТК and ШТЮ have taken a position, that bills - counterfeit. All of the large-scale business cases confirmed that they belonged to documents providing for the transaction to transfer debt to promissory notes, Rostovtsev's signature, on the bills of one mine - the signature of the head of the executive, on bills of the second - could not be established due to "small amount of material" - a stroke , and not the signature!

Yes, all the experts say about the aggressive impact on the documents - "burned them", but even then, according to one of the cases, an additional examination is now being conducted at the Federal Center for Forensic Expertise under the Ministry of Justice. As a result, a court decision on the requirements for one mine, which is written in the article of the NG, was recently rendered, only the decision is not final, as the NG writes, but also as a contested and unenforceable one. Representatives of Shchukin filed an appeal, and we are all, as I understand it, in a long series of appeals of this judicial act up to the Supreme Court, because neither side will agree with the decision in its favor.

As part of the criminal case "on bills", which is in the production of Novosibirsk investigators Shchukin is a witness, unsuspecting, not accused, because he precisely "did not aggressively act" on them, he had something to do. But according to my assumption, the "burned" bills could be transferred to him initially: the debt was extended until 2015, in 2015 the control over the mines went to Rostovtsev, do not go to the grandmother - the offended Shchukin will run to court. And here is the criminal case of fraud, the essence of which is that Shchukin wants to collect a debt on fake bills.

But only Shchukin forgot about these bills lying in the safe! It seems strange, but a billion - there - a billion here in Shchukin's affairs - an ordinary story. And then his lawyer Timur Frank reminded him of them, the yurkomanda took them from him, held an examination before the court to determine their authenticity, and appealed to the court. And under these conditions, in my opinion, the documents could also "aggressively influence".

I do not claim that they "processed" the bills before they were handed over to Shchukin or after, I express my doubts, which should not form the basis of the charges alleged by Rostovtsev, since "the bills case" has lasted for a year and a half, we need to take some procedural decision on him: or stop for lack of corpus delicti - the existence of a debt to Shchukin's bankrupt mines has been documented, he did not "draw" it, as the representatives of the STC and the STS declare; or - to seek out someone who has aggressively worked on bills.