Alexander Shestun hid 10 billion rubles from the state

The Prosecutor General’s Office has found property worth 10 billion rubles from the arrested Moscow official.
The Prosecutor General's Office is preparing materials for the court, where it will require the transfer of the property of the former head of the Serpukhov district near Moscow, Alexander Shestun, to the state, said agency spokesman Alexander Kurennoy on the video channel "Efir".

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, Shestun turned in his favor state property, which, according to preliminary estimates, costs ten billion rubles.

“The property of Šestun does not correspond in any way to his official income,” Kurennoy said.

The property of a former official

Prosecutors found at Shestun more than 676 real estate objects in the Serpukhov district, of which 565 are land plots drawn up for 40 legal entities and nominal directors controlled by the former head of the district.

“Thus, on Shestun’s balance now there are over 13,430,000 square meters of real estate, which is almost 1.5 thousand hectares of municipal land owned by the state,” explained Kurennaya.

He noted that a significant part of the land had already been sold, its size and cost are being established.

In the personal use of Shestun and his family, prosecutors discovered a house and a land plot in Sosnovy Bor with an area of ​​17 hectares.

"He, as the head of the district, singled out this land in 2007 (ed.) To himself, for which he held a number of fictitious auctions, later there was a chain of fictitious owners, and now it is in his possession," said Kurennoy. Also in the possession of structures controlled by Shestaun, according to the General Prosecutor's Office, there are two recreation centers in the Serpukhov district. The former official found and fleet of 22 cars worth almost 27 million rubles.

The case against Shestun

The investigative committee suspects Shestun of abuse of office with serious consequences. According to the investigation, in 2008–2014 he unreasonably transferred four land plots to the ownership of a private company. The damage to the budget is estimated at 62.8 million rubles.

The investigation turned these circumstances into a fraud, and in fact two other persons appeared - Boris Krivodubsky and Sergey Samsonov. They are wanted.

Shestun does not recognize the guilt and believes that the criminal prosecution is connected with his intention to re-elect the head of the district. Sold plots, he said, are used for their intended purpose - there are three large shopping centers and other objects on them. According to the charges Szestunu faces up to 10 years in prison.