Alexander Vinokourov breaks in Rostec

According to Russian media, the head of the investment division of Rostec Corporation, Andrey Korobov, is supposedly leaving his post soon. He will be replaced by the head of the investment company A1, Alexander Vinokourov, who is married to the daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Katerina. And this is the main advantage of this investment banker.
How to "Pravda.Ru" wrote:

Interesting news sometimes seep out quite closed state corporation "Rostec". Thus, an informed source close to the leadership giant said that practically settled the question of the resignation the head of the investment divisions of the corporation, "RT - the development of business," Andrei Korobov. Moreover, according to the source, "by mutual consent". And this should happen right after the New Year.

Where it goes is almost the former head of "RT - business development", is not known. But much more interesting, who will succeed him and what will be the policy of the company. Judging by some leaks, this figure is quite surprising and quite scandalous - the current head of the investment unit "Alfa Group" A1 Alexandre Vinokourov. Personality is very colorful.

One of the most striking of his exploits was an attempt to capture a group of companies "Eurodon", Russia's largest turkey producer. Controlling stake included in it "Irdon" construction company can go under the hammer for nothing - 5.1 thousand rubles, debt is almost four billion rubles. But surprisingly quickly it passes when it becomes clear that behind this "strangeness" in relation to "Eurodon" is the head of a member of the "Alfa Group" Investment Company "A1" Alexander Vinokurov, known very strange management style. In connection with those who have ever worked with Vinokourov, there is no assurance that it will burn out.

Too expensive Fesco

What Vinokurov, despite the formation of Cambridge - a mediocre investment banker, it became clear during the time of his work in the American fund TPG Capital Private Equity, where he became the youngest in the history of the company's vice president. By the time Vinokourov was married to the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, was why in financial circles nickname Zyatek. The cooperation with TPG ended when a relative of the minister actually failed project with VTB - Americans have invested in the bank, and its shares are much cheaper. Perhaps the Fund hoped that the young vice-president to settle matters with the help of government agencies, but for some reason it did not happen.

One year later, in 2011, Vinokourov took to his band "Sum" (also probably count on support in high circles). There he worked for longer - until 2014. Curiously, his annual salary of two million dollars a year, not counting the same amount for the transfer of the company, as well as annual bonuses in the amount of from two to six million dollars. But he showed no such requests should be understanding and vision of the situation and in the end failed a number of promising projects.

Vividly his mediocre ( "genius" or any other word ") manifested in history with the purchase of Fesco transport company." Sum "is not only to benefit from the transaction for the purchase of Fesco, but it was actually on the verge of bankruptcy. The fact that the ransom was organized by unduly risky scheme:.. with borrowed money the company This led to a significant increase Fesco debt load, drop in the value of its shares in three times and bringing us to the verge of bankruptcy market analysts point out that the fact of Fesco paid too much in this case was. hostages of the situation of holders of restructured bonds issue of the transport group and its minority shareholders simply deceived. The latter, in particular, Vinokourov had promised to give the right to buy shares, but this has not happened supposedly due to changes in market conditions.


So, having worked in different companies, Vinokourov was in the "A1" and immediately - as president. The owners of "Alfa Group", probably took Vinokourov, just hoping that it will provide them with a reliable "roof", under which it is convenient to hide the aggressive style of business on the brink of a foul. Family relationship with the powers that are expensive in the eyes of employers, and one can only guess at the current salary and bonus of the head of "A1". Probably, they are much higher than in the "Summa", after all, the financial resources of the company Mikhail Fridman superior tools group Magomedov.

As President of "A1" Alexander Vinokurov, despite the fact that considerable progress in his career, his style failing promising projects has not changed. Only now, this feature it compromises not only himself, but also the "Alfa Group". The same part of "A1" in the fate of "Eurodon" has already turned into a serious image losses for a group of well known skillful conduct of affairs in the sphere of investments in distressed assets.

The fact that 40 percent of the company Vadim Benaiah, which is now owned by VEB, at the beginning of 2016 were bought from Belize offshore company Brimstone Investments is "A1", and less than a month later resold to VEB. It was reported that the first Vinokourov tried to get the owner of the group Vadim Vaneeva purchase a package at an inflated price. Failing this, the "A1" filed against Benaiah several lawsuits in court, accusing him of violating corporate ethics in obtaining loans from VEB and Roselhozbanke and actually trying to oust founder "Eurodon" out of business.

As a result, serious scandal erupted with suspicions that the "A1" attempts to capture raider "Eurodon", which was forced to intervene, even the Governor of the Rostov region. At the end of February 2016 on charges of attempting to seize property by fraud group of companies "Eurodon" was arrested former director of the Department of Natural Resources VEB Ilgiz Valitov. Almost at the same time, the "A1" and VEB sold his stake in the company of Benaiah. Experts were quick to announce that these events are linked, and suggested that Vinokourov was originally purchased the package "Eurodon" for Valitova. It is unlikely that the accusations of destabilizing the operation of large agricultural holdings and raiding in other people's interests - that the leadership of "Alfa Group" expects from Alexandre Vinokourov.

Do not put on that

While Vinokourov remains at his post, but, according to some sources, already at a low startup and is preparing to make the next jump. He did not hesitate to discuss the shareholders and managers of "Alfa-Group" Mikhail Fridman and German Khan behind them and complain that the owners of the group did not fulfill a promise to allocate "A1" money for investment. Savvy businessmen and managers Fridman and Khan are well aware that Vinokourov can not concentrate on any project, because only busy person. What is investment banker jogging craze, which is why he got a new nickname Olimpionik, like its namesake, the famous marathoner.

Here are just a pointless race business is not acceptable. If Vinokourov assess the results of activities in "A1" in the bottom line, it turns out that the best thing he managed to reduce the number of employees from 135 to 90. When Vinokourov was almost completely replaced by the composition of the managing directors, the company closed the division of Ukraine and a number of projects. New in this case practically does not appear.

In addition, through their actions create for Vinokurov "Alfa" all the more problems by putting "time bomb" in the form of participation in various conflicts from the perspective of corporate blackmail. For example, the conflict has been simmering in the Russian online merchants auto parts. "A1" The company protects the interests of a group of shareholders, who can not divide the assets with the principal owner Vladislav Domoratskim. He, too, has offered to buy 50 percent stake in the company at an inflated price of $ 25 million, and it can be assumed that, following refusal by thumb scheme Domoratskogo lawsuits can be filed against him.

Also, the "A1" on the side of "Cinelab" Dmitry Buravleva heirs of the founder of the company, which other co-owners do not accept the shareholder. Knowing the style of Vinokourov, there is a danger that in the end all the participants of the conflict will remain with nothing, and accused "Alfa Group" in raiding.

One of the recent high-profile examples of corporate blackmail with threats from "A1" was involved in the conflict of shareholders of Russia's largest Internet retailer "Yulmart". Co-owner Michael Vasinkevich company tried to force their partners to buy out his share of the retailer's overpriced. When they refused, Vasinkevich handed over his package of "A1", and lawyers Vinokourov began to block decisions of the board and try to assign "his" general director. Alas, the raider attack on "Yulmart" choked - the controlling shareholder initiated the procedure managed bankruptcy. In fact, it was the only way out, despite the fact that delayed the planned output for an IPO.

Troubled son-in-law

Vinokourov himself, it seems, failures and future threats not to notice, perhaps because the President of "A1" corny stuck in their own ambitions and financial interests.

The aim of the Vinokourov in 2017, according to some, is a "jump" in the sphere of management of state assets. And here all hope he is back, probably to help his father in law, of course, if his own family situation will remain stable in the coming years. Now the investment banker is waiting for the annual bonus in "A1", and probably hopes Lavrov will then attach it to the state corporation "Rostec". Most likely, Vinokourov is aiming at a relatively new but very promising from a financial point of view, the investment arm of "PT Business Development", led by Andrey Korobov. It is assumed that this department among other things will be the integrator of large commodity projects including the markets of India, China and Japan, and its assets have can grow to more than $ 1.5 billion by the end of 2016.

Desire Vinokourov get into the "Rostec" there is another, except the intention to gain access to the management of budget funds, explanation with his father he owns "Genfa", which is engaged in distribution and localization of drugs. And "Genfy", in turn, has a joint venture with a subsidiary of "Rostec" - National immunobiological company that the order of the Government until 2020 granted the status of a single state provider of medicines against tuberculosis, HIV, viral hepatitis and blood products.

Generally, super profitable pharmaceutical business Vinokourov takes so seriously that it has been suggested that they intend to make a redistribution of this market. Confirmation of this - the seizure of the company "SIA International" of the late Igor Rudensk. Recall his successors found themselves in a difficult financial situation due to the bankruptcy of "Nota-Bank". Formally Lavrov in-law engaged in financial recovery of the company, but at the same time, an information campaign was launched against Rudensk family. As a result, at the beginning of February 2016 Vinokurov on the rights of private investors bought shares "SIA International", after which she flunked the courts of Moscow and St. Petersburg claims to the other participants in the pharmaceutical market. As a result, major problems have arisen at the pharmacy network "Pharmacor" - its business can be destroyed. Also, 43.6 million rubles Vinokurov needs with "Farm Status", which owns the pharmacy chain "Heart". The searches, which took place this spring in "36.6", some experts have also been associated with Vinokourov.

For the implementation of the plans for the construction of large-scale business money, "Russian Technologies" will be more than welcome. Ready whether the State so just leave them? After all, cooperation with Vinokourov can go sideways, and even the federal minister will not help, not to mention the fact that his reputation will suffer. Moreover, given the recent high-profile corruption scandals. The latter fact can be considered as a warning "Rostec" against hasty personnel decisions. Who are the persons involved in scandals of some officials, and tomorrow may become a state corporation, and then testing will affect not only the facts of corruption and nepotism.

Alexandre Vinokourov has no intention to leave his post
Regnum, 12/02/2016

The head of the investment unit "Alfa Group" A1 Alexandre Vinokourov did not intend to leave his post. On this day, November 29, REGNUM was informed at the press service of the company. "We have a" Rostec "have joint projects, - said Vinokourov - we are soaktsionerami pharmaceutical factory" Synthesis "Kurgan. Change the job and I do not plan as far as I know, the position, which I attributed to long busy. "

Earlier, media reported that soon after the New Year's Alexandre Vinokourov can replace Andrei Korobov at the head of the investment division of the corporation "Russian Technologies - business development."