Alexander Vinokurov, ex-president of A1, has the second joint project with Rostec

His "Marathon Pharma" agreed to buy control in the pharmaceutical company "Fort".
The "Marathon Pharma" group, which is part of the investment company "Marathon groups" of former president A1 Alexander Vinokurov, agreed to buy a controlling stake in Fort company from its founder Anton Katlinsky. This was reported by the parties at the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, organized by the Adam Smith Institute.

"Fort" develops and produces biotechnological preparations. In his portfolio - a vaccine for the prevention of influenza Ultrix. The founders of this company, according to the USRLE, are Katlinsky (directly and through Megard Group, 74.99% of shares) and the National Immunobiological Company, part of Rostech Corporation (Natsimbio, 25.01%). Fort has a plant in the Ryazan region. Its capacity makes it possible to produce 40 million doses of vaccines against seasonal influenza, 120 million doses against pandemic flu, the company's website says. In 2011-2013 years. In the plant invested more than 4.8 billion rubles., Reported earlier, "Fort".

For "Marathon Pharma", buying a stake in Forte is entering the market for the development, production and use of immunobiological drugs, the representative of the company explains. In the plans of "Fort" with the advent of a strategic investor - to expand the product portfolio, the words of Katlinsky are quoted in the message. After the transaction is closed, investments are planned for development, says the representative of Marathon Pharma. The amount of investment and what they will be sent to, she refused to report.

"Fort" is a new modern enterprise that meets the international quality standards, but its capacity is underloaded, the representative of "Natsimbio" says. To download them, partner projects with other manufacturers are possible, he adds. In 2016, "Natsimbio" transferred from "Microgen" to "Fort" production of children's anti-influenza vaccine "Sovigripp", says a representative of "Natsimbio." In 2017, the company must supply about 18 million doses of vaccine for the National Schedule of preventive vaccinations, thus completely closing the need for this drug, she adds. In 2017, the plant's revenue could reach 2.2 billion rubles, the report said. The company has a small debt, the representative of "Natsimbio" says, but does not mention the figures.

The deal is planned to close before the end of the year. Her party refused to name the sum. Taking into account the planned revenue and a small debt, the whole company can be estimated at 7-9 billion rubles., Said Nikolay Demidov, the head of Quintiles IMS Russia and the CIS.

"Fort" is the second joint project of Vinokourov with "Natsimbio". They jointly own the shares of the Kurgan plant "Synthesis" (from "Marathon Pharma" 52% of the ordinary shares of the plant, from "Natsimbio" - 32.39%). Vinokurov proved to be an effective partner: the net profit of Sintez doubled, the general director of Rostek, Sergei Chemezov, was quoted as saying.

"Marathon Group" was established by Vinokurov in 2017. The company's main activity is investment in pharmaceutical, infrastructure and agricultural projects and the subsequent development of these assets, she reported. Pharmaceutical assets are united in the holding "Marathon Pharma", the managing director of which is the former general director of "Pharmstandard" Igor Krylov. Now the holding company is the distributor of SIA Group (formerly SIIA International), Sintez plants, Biokom, Mega Pharm pharmacy chain and Sanitelle antiseptic manufacturer Bentus Laboratories.