Alexander Vinokurov multiplies pharma drugs by X5

With the help of the retailer, the president of A1 creates a pharmacy leader.
On the Russian pharmacy market comes a new big player. Distributor of drugs "SIA International", whose main owner is the president of the investment group A1 Alexandre Vinokourov, will receive priority on the opening of pharmacies in X5 Retail Group stores, the second turnover of the Russian food retailer. Until 2021 it is planned to invest 6 billion rubles. 3.3 thousand to start. Points under the brand "A-Mega" and "Yes, well." In this case, "BIA" may become the largest and fastest growing pharmacy retailer in Russia.

The partnership between the X5 and "SIA International", which launched today, gives priority to the right to place pharmaceutical distributor in the territory of the retailer's stores pharmacy "A-Mega" (discounter) and "Yes, well" (for consumers with average incomes). Pharmacies in size from 20 square meters. m to 200 square meters. m will be located mainly in the checkout area of ​​shops "Crossroads", "Pyaterochka", "Carousel", and in a format shop-in-shop in the sales rooms "Pyatorochka". The Company reports that the opening points will be carried out "on the principles of market rates." Assotiment each pharmacy will involve about 8 thousand. items.

"The synergy is achieved through the experience and the development of specialized logistics from our side and the possibility of a rapid increase in the number of points that a stable, predictable traffic in stores X5, as well as the precise segmentation of the target audience to which our pharmacy project formats fall to 100%", - commented on partnership President "SIA International" Sergey Piven. X5 CEO Igor Shekhterman said that cooperation with the "BIA" meets the company's strategy "to develop partnerships in the priority categories of" other services "and the formation of an integrated supply of goods and services."

Since July this year, has opened 57 drugstores "A-Mega" and "Yes, well." They launched founded in May of this year, "Mega farm", whose final beneficiaries "SIA International" and its main owner Alexander Vinokurov, President of A1 (the investment arm of "Alfa Group"). Funding for the pilot project carried outs share capital, according to a press release, "AAI," and X5. General Director of "Mega Pharm" is Andrew Gusev, who at different times has been the general director of pharmacy network "Rigla" and A5. It manages a new pharmacy project "IAM", confirmed by the company.

By the end of this year, "BIA" is planning to open more than 170 pharmacies in the leased from X5 squares in and around Moscow. In the future, pharmacies will be opened in all regions of the X5's presence. Until the end of 2020 in its stores "SIA" intends to open more than 3.3 thousand. Items for the sale of drugs (all X5 June 30, under the control was 7.9 thousand. Stores). Investments in "AAI" project by the shareholders will amount to 6 billion rubles.

To date, the largest pharmacy retailer in Russia is PJSC "Pharmacy Network" 36.6 "" ( "36.6" brands "Gorzdrav" and others.) That is in the process of merging with the A5. The total number of pharmacies, according to the latest data, is 1.69 thousand. Within three years, "36.6" is going to open about 3 thousand. Pharmacies, told "Vedomosti", one of its co-owners Temur Shakaya.

Gendirektor DSM Group Sergey Shuljak considers ambitious plans "SIA", a healing of the leaders of pharmaceutical market. The probability of their realization, according to experts, will depend on the pace at which the country will emerge from the crisis and how quickly restored consumer demand. "Until we see a drop in the number of checks and the decline in the range of pharmacy, who is now an average of 2.5-3 thousand items.", - Says Mr. Shuljak. He also noted that the pharmacy chain "AAI" in terms of opening points can be the fastest growing in Russia: "This will be achieved just by having a partner like the X5, with which the owner of pharmacies do not have to spend a lot of time searching for suitable premises" .