Alexander Vinokurov vaccinated

The former president of A1 will get a controlling stake in a major influenza vaccine manufacturer.
GK Marathon Pharma, former President A1 Alexander Vinokurov, will receive a controlling stake in the Ryazan influenza vaccine manufacturer Fort, which is a quarter owned by the state corporation Rostek. The deal must close before the end of the summer. This will be the second joint project between Mr. Vinokurov and "Rosteha" - the partners also jointly own the Kurgan "Synthesis".

The agreement on the acquisition of a controlling stake in the biopharmaceutical company Fort LLC Marathon Pharma was signed today at the site of the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum of the Adam Smith Institute. Now, according to SPARK-Interfax, 74.99% of the Fort belong to the founder of the company Anton Katlinsky, 25.01% - from the National Immunobiological Company ("Natsimbio"), established by Rostekh. Closing of the deal with the company "Marathon Pharma" is expected until the end of the summer. Its terms, including financial ones, are not disclosed. A source close to one of the parties to the deal told Kommersant that Mr. Katlinsky would retain a stake in Fort.

Fort plant, launched in April 2014 in the Ryazan Region, is a major producer of influenza vaccines: according to the results of 2017, it should deliver about 18 million doses for vaccination in the National calendar of preventive vaccinations. The revenue of the plant in 2017 should exceed 2.2 billion rubles. (In 2015 it was 288.81 million rubles. - The data of the accounting statements of "Fort"). "For three years since the opening, we have achieved good results. Today Fort is a serious player in the vaccine market, says Anton Katlinsky.

About the creation of "Marathon Pharma" was announced yesterday. It became part of the investment company Marathon Group, founded by Alexander Vinokurov (former president of A1 - the investment division of Alfa Group) and Sergey Zakharov (was the executive director in A1). In the Marathon of Pharma, all the assets of Mr. Vinokurov in pharmaceuticals are combined: the fifth-largest distributor of drugs in Russia, the "SIA Group" (formerly called SIA International), the pharmacy chain Mega Pharm (brands A-Mega, Yes, Healthy "), 75% of Stavropol pharmaceutical enterprise" Biokom ", 30% in the manufacturer of skin antiseptics" Bentus laboratory "(brand Sanitelle). Even in the "Marathon Pharma" 51% of common and 31% of preferred shares of the Kurgan pharmaceutical plant "Sintez" were included. Partner in the "Synthesis" is also "Rostegh" - through "Natsimbio" he owns 32.38% of the shares of the enterprise.

Sergey Chemezov, the general director of Rostek, says that Alexander Vinokurov proved to be an effective partner in Sintez: "In 2016, Sintez improved its financial results, net profit doubled (according to SPARK-Interfax, 703.74 million rubles. - "b") ". The arrival of a strategic investor in the face of the "Marathon Pharma" in the person of "Fort Marafon", in Mr. Chemezov's opinion, will give an impetus to the development of the enterprise, which "plays an important role in solving the problem of import substitution in the most significant healthcare sectors". Mr. Katlinsky expects that with the advent of "Marathon Pharma" Fort will be able to implement existing developments, expand the product portfolio, and introduce new technologies.