Alexander Volovnik plundered with cosmic scope

The charges in the case of fraud in the FundServicebank were approved.
The Prosecutor General’s Office has approved a criminal case against former top managers of FondServisbank, which served Roscosmos. Its ex-head, Alexander Volovnik, and First Vice-President Petr Ladonschikov are accused of organizing a criminal community that stole 6.4 billion rubles. This is the first case of bankers that reached the court - an investigation of their illegal activities is still ongoing in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Deputy Prosecutor General Victor Grin upheld the indictment in the case of former top managers of the FundServicebank, investigated by the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The case itself was sent for consideration on the merits in the Tver district court of the capital. The materials have not yet been received, and when the proceedings will begin on the merits, it is not yet clear, since many other cases have accumulated in this and other courts due to the coronavirus.

Board of Directors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Volovnik, former Chairman of the Board of OJSC Fondservisbank, Petr Ladonshchikov, first vice president of the bank, Elena Vinogradova, head of the credit department, Sergey Menyaylov, head of the department of resource protection, Alexander Nikonov, head of the department, as well as businessmen Anatoly Voronin, Sergey Evzhenko, Mikhail Darkness, German Kozubin, Natalia Shcherbina and Kirill Bychkov, depending on the role of each of them, are accused of committing crimes under Part 1, 2 and 3 of Art. 210 and h. 4 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (organization of a criminal community using official position, participation in it and embezzlement on an especially large scale).

The criminal case of embezzlement of funds of "Roskosmos", placed in the support for the rocket and space industry Fondservisbank, was opened in August 2015. Then, about 47 billion rubles belonging to Roscosmos “hung up” in the financial structure, some of which disappeared.

Initially, the investigation established that Mr. Volovnik organized the theft of only 1.38 billion rubles from the bank, which were also withdrawn abroad through one-day companies that received bad loans. However, after the arrest of Mr. Volovnik and his deputy Ladonshchikov, the amount of alleged theft increased to 6 billion rubles, and later, after interrogations of businessmen connected with bankers, increased by another 400 million rubles. In addition, during the interrogations of the new defendants in the case, companies were established that received bad loans from the bank and employees of the bank who participated in the scam. As a result of working out this information, new defendants appeared - the owners of one-day firms, which were included in the criminal chain of cashing or laundering money stolen from the bank.

It should be noted that the investigation of the Fonservicebank at first was rather sluggish. Only after the intervention of the Prosecutor General at the end of April 2017 the investigation sharply intensified. It was then that the alleged organizers of the thefts were in the pre-trial detention center, and now the OPS - Messrs. Volovnik and Ladonshchikov.

Subsequently, they, however, were transferred to house arrests, from where they traveled to the Ministry of Internal Affairs SD to get acquainted with the investigation materials. At the same time, the Prosecutor General’s Office noted that only the first part of the investigation reached the court. Another criminal case is being held against the alleged organizers of the OPS, in which the accused also go through the former director general of the Soyuz metropolitan trust company and Eduard Chesnov, a member of the Board of Directors of FondServisbank, who had fled abroad. As part of this investigation, the defendants are charged, according to some reports, the theft of more than 1 billion rubles.

It should be noted that damage is unlikely to be repaired, since Mr. Volovnik, who owed about 8 billion rubles as a guarantor, was declared bankrupt by the decision of the arbitration court. The question of the accusation of organizing an OPS remains questionable. According to recent legislative changes, top managers can only be blamed for this crime if their organization was deliberately created for criminal activity. Fondservisbank, renamed after reorganization into Roskosmosbank, was a quite successful financial structure, created back in July 1994, that is, long before the organization of the alleged criminal community.