Alexei Mordashov asked the government for money

Under the US sanctions, "Power Machines" businessman Alexei Mordashov continues to demand benefits.
The businessman asked the Ministry of Energy to guarantee the purchase by the generating companies of the Russian Federation of 48 gas turbines "Silmash" with a capacity of 65 and 170 MW in the framework of the planned program of modernization of the TPP. The costs of the sector under the program until 2035 can reach 1.35 trillion rubles, but for the time being they are not going to buy gas turbines, but steam turbines. Experts note that blocks with gas turbines simply do not pay off.

Alexey Mordashov, owner and head of the board of directors of the machine-building holding Silovye Mashiny, who got into the US sanctions at the beginning of the year, submitted proposals to the Ministry of Energy to support the production of 65 and 170 MW gas turbines (Kommersant got acquainted with the letter). Minister Alexander Novak instructed to work out proposals to his deputies Vyacheslav Kravchenko and Andrei Cherezov. Powerful gas turbines are a problem point for the industry, there are no such technologies in Russia. This provoked in 2017 a scandal with the supply of Rostekha structures by Siemens turbines to the sub-Crimea.

Among the measures of support indicated by Mordashov - binding contracts for the supply of gas turbines of "Silmash" with the generating companies participating in the modernization program. Now it is on approval in the government, the volume is 3.5 trillion rubles. up to 2035, of them for modernization of thermal power plants - about 1.35 trillion rubles. It is planned to upgrade up to 40 GW of thermal power plants, but it is expected that basically there will be a replacement of steam-powered equipment for a new one. During simulations, the generators submitted applications for the replacement of 195 steam turbines and six gas turbines. The efficiency of combined-cycle plants (CCGT) is 40% higher than steam-power units, their fuel consumption is a third lower, but CCGTs are about one-third more expensive, says Vladimir Sklyar of VTB Capital. "The current low cost of gas makes the upgrade of the technology not particularly profitable, since the savings will not override the cost of CCGTs throughout the life cycle," he said. The Kommersant source on the market adds that the CCGTs have a long-term effect of lowering electricity prices.

"Silmash" asks to revise the modernization program and switch to the gas cycle. According to Alexei Mordashov, this will "increase the efficiency of power stations by 1.5-1.8 times". To pay for the creation of turbines, the company asks the Ministry of Energy to confirm the market demand for 26 GTE-65 (the company is ready to release them on the market in 2023) and 22 GTE-170 (in 2021).

For the first time about support, the head of "Silmash" asked Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the government commission on import substitution in April. According to the businessman, without preferences "Russian power engineering can not survive." Then Mr. Mordashov said that the company needed state guarantees to enter foreign markets and help in attracting financing, and also expressed the idea of ​​joining "Silmash" in the consortium "Rosnano", the United Engine-Building Corporation "Rosteha" and "Inter RAO", developing a gas turbine GTD-110M (was completely destroyed during the tests in December 2017). Sources "Kommersant" say that so far there have been no substantive negotiations on the establishment of the joint venture.

In detail, these measures Alexei Mordashov listed in a letter to Dmitry Medvedev on April 12. He proposed to break the program of development of turbine construction in two stages. The first is development of design documentation, production of pilot-industrial turbine models of 65-70 MW, 110-120 MW and 160-180 MW and their testing. To this end, according to RBC, according to the company's estimate, it will require about 15 billion rubles - for 7.5 billion rubles. from the budget and from the bonds of "Silmash" in favor of development institutions. The second stage is serial production of turbines.

The Ministry of Energy, the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Industry and Trade refused to comment, the FAS was informed that they do not know about the proposals of SILMASH. The Ministry of Economics noted that they support the development of the power engineering industry of the Russian Federation, but the choice of equipment should be carried out at tenders. In "Silmash" confirmed that they sent a program to support the production of gas turbines, but "its details will be further clarified." The head of Gazprom Energoholding, Denis Fyodorov, offered to fully localize Siemens or GE equipment in Russia. Yesterday, Mr. Mordashov's ideas were not commented on in the industry.

Managing Director of Frost & Sullivan in Russia, Alexei Volostnov, estimated the market volume for GTE-65 at no more than 30 CCGT units per year. In the case of a modernization program and binding contracts for such turbines, this volume will be in demand by the market, the expert believes.