Alexey Ananyev generously donated retirement to officials

The TFR has opened a criminal case against the former owner of Promsvyazbank, Alexei Ananyev. He is suspected of giving bribes to officials of the Russian Pension Fund in the amount of 210 million rubles.
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On September 30, a criminal case was initiated against the former owner of Promsvyazbank Alexei Ananyev, heads of several departments of the Pension Fund of Russia and employees of the RedSys and Technoserv IT companies owned by the ex-banker (part 5 of Art. 291 of the Criminal Code; part 6 of Art.290 of the Criminal Code), writes RBC with reference to a source familiar with the case materials.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, in 2015, unidentified persons from among the senior management of the PFR appealed to the beneficiaries of the RedSys group of companies, namely to Sergei Evgenievich Gordeev and several of his partners, whose identities have not yet been established, offering to provide information on the upcoming government purchases, which would help the companies included in "RedSys" to win tenders and implement government contracts. According to the case file, Gordeev and his companions agreed.

The RedSys company, according to SPARK, is listed as one of the PFR's counterparties. It is in the stage of bankruptcy, 100% of the authorized capital is pledged by Promsvyazbank, one of the owners of which was Alexey Ananyev. As established by the investigation, from 2016 to 2019, the companies included in RedSys paid PFR officials 210 million rubles. Among the company's employees in the materials of the criminal case, Vasily Vasin appears, according to the investigation, who involved his employees in the corruption scheme: technical director Alexander Lanin, director of the department for work with state customers in the social sphere Dmitry Radchenko, financial director Konstantin Mogilnikov, deputy financial director Anastasia Telegin and chief financial control department to Alexander Abramov.

Alexey Ananyev bought the RedSys group of companies in 2016. According to a RBC source, the purchase was due to the fact that the banker knew that the company was getting government contracts and was interested in acquiring it, which led to the takeover of RedSys by the Technoserv group of companies owned by Ananyev. According to the investigation, Ananyev continued to give bribes to civil servants and headed an organized group, the source said. “He put his subordinate on Technoserv, Aleksey Ivanov, in the place of adviser to the chairman of the PFR board. In fact, Ivanov was responsible to Ananyev for the work of the entire scheme with government contracts, ”said the source. Vice-president of the Technoserv group of companies Andrey Bogomolov and director of the department for work with government agencies Alexey Kopeikin also participated in the corruption scheme. Ivanov was detained by the Investigative Committee in July 2019 on suspicion of taking a bribe from an employee of the Technoserv company Kopeikin, who was also detained. Searches were carried out in Technoserv's offices.