Alexey Goreslavsky will conduct Internet political information

Internet curator in the Kremlin Alexei Goreslavsky will leave the presidential administration, he will head a new non-profit organization that will focus on political information on the Internet.
Origin source
The deputy head of the public projects department of the presidential administration (AP), Alexei Goreslavsky, is resigning, two sources in the AP told The Bell. According to them, Goreslavsky will leave the Old Square “by March”, after which he will head the new ANO. The reason for leaving is the instruction of the AP leadership to head the new organization, said one of the sources of The Bell.

In the presidential administration, Alexei Goreslavsky worked for a little less than two years. The head of the AP Anton Vaino signed the decree on his appointment on February 9, 2018. An interlocutor of The Bell, close to the AP, says that the new organization of Goreslavsky will be engaged in targeting political information on the Internet.

According to another source from The Bell in the AP, ANO “will continue to work with the incident management system (monitors the reaction of regional authorities to complaints from the population), which Goreslavsky oversees in the AP. In addition, the ANO will “bring relevant information to the public, taking into account their needs - this is not targeting, but the use of best marketing practices,” says the source of The Bell.

Aleksei Goreslavsky himself told The Bell that "the deputy head of the UOP continues to work, there were no orders for his departure."

Who is Goreslavsky

The deputy head of the public projects department of the presidential administration, Aleksey Goreslavsky, gained fame among the general public by heading the online publication in spring 2014 after the dismissal of his long-time editor-in-chief Galina Timchenko, with whom almost the entire editorial staff left.

Goreslavsky moved to Lenta from the post of deputy general director for external communications of the Afisha-Rambler-SUP media holding, Alexander Mamut and Vladimir Potanin, which included Lenta. Having worked as the editor-in-chief of Lenta for less than two years, Goreslavsky returned to Rambler in 2016 with a promotion - to the position of executive director of media. From there, at the beginning of 2018, he moved to the AP.

Goreslavsky graduated from the History Department of Moscow State University, and began his professional career at Moskovsky Komsomolets. In the early 2000s, he was editor of the Politics and Economics Department of the Top Secret. Version ”, the editor-in-chief of the pro-Kremlin Internet newspaper Vzglyad, and in 2007–2010 he headed the Internet project service of the Interfax agency.

The head of Goreslavsky in the Kremlin is Sergey Novikov, the former communications director of Rosatom. Goreslavsky is subordinate to the Department of Modern Information Technologies and New Communications of six people, wrote Kommersant. The publication calls it the Kremlin "Internet curator" and recalls that he worked closely on a bill to regulate the Internet.

What's next

According to The Bell’s source in the AP, after Goreslavsky’s departure, Vladimir Kosteev, assistant to the public projects department, will temporarily fulfill his duties as “acting”. Kosteev came to Old Square in December 2018 as the head of the Goreslavsky department.

In the biography of Kosteev, various fields of activity appear. He graduated from Kaluga University. Tsiolkovsky. From 1993 to 1997 he worked as executive secretary in the journal "Social Conflict", then was a teacher at Kaluga University. Tsiolkovsky. From 2002 to 2004, he advised the Governor of the Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov. A Kommersant source in UOP then explained that Vladimir Kosteev had “a lot of work experience in Skolkovo structures, he knows everyone and is just responsible for contacts with public structures in the Internet community.”