Alexey Navalny found the Rotenbergs' real estate in Russia and Italy

The Anti-Corruption Foundation of Alexey Navalny has published an investigation into the "business" activities of the brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, as well as other members of this family.
FBK published pictures demonstrating the "palaces" on Rublyovka, the total value of which reaches 6 billion rubles. He also showed the estate in Italy, whose area is five times the territory of the Vatican.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation named the Rothenberg brothers, the graduates of the Institute of Physical Culture, the Leningrad friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin: they worked together in one judo section with coach Anatoly Rakhlin.

According to Forbes data for 2016, Rothenbergs are on the second place in the rating of Russia's richest clans, and their overall fortune is estimated at $ 2.8 billion. Arkady Rothenberg, according to Forbes, is a billionaire. In the ranking of the "Kings of State Procurement" he ranks first: only in 2016 Rothenberg received contracts from the state for the amount of 555.5 billion rubles, including the order of Gazprom for the construction of the pipeline "The Power of Siberia." At the same time, the six largest contracts totaling 426 billion rubles, Stroygazmontazh, whose founder he is, were transferred without a tender.

The state of his brother, Boris Rothenberg, according to Forbes, in 2010 was $ 700 million, and today he is among the richest businessmen in Russia - in 2015 his fortune was estimated at $ 1.5 billion. Arkady's son Igor Rotenberg is one of the participants in the agreement on Payment system "Plato", in combination - a co-owner of the same estate in Italy.


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