"Alfa-Bank" on the fall of the ruble in April earned $ 500 million

In the game of exchange rates, the bank of Mikhail Fridman and Pyotr Aven was generously helped by the state budget of the Russian Federation, which granted a loan of 77 billion rubles.
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The sanctions against Oleg Deripaska and Viktor Vekselberg, which caused a record collapse of the ruble since 2014, turned out to be a "gold mine" for Alfa Bank.

The last large private bank in Russia, thanks to foreign exchange assets, was able to double profits in April, when the dollar rate jumped by 10 rubles and the euro by 11 rubles.

According to the international rating agency Fitch, the profit of Alfa-Bank in April jumped by 124% - up to 30 billion rubles, mainly due to currency revaluation, and by its size, it lost only to Sberbank, which earned 66 billion rubles.

Alfa-Bank financed its operations in April, including through state funds - the money of the Ministry of Finance, federal and regional budgets or other state structures.

In total, the bank took from the state 77 billion rubles, calculated in Fitch. According to the size of state investments for the month, he lost only to VTB Group (212 billion rubles).

Other banks could not make money at a jump in exchange rates. In general, the sector's profit increased by 15% yoy, to 112 billion rubles. 58% of this amount was received by Sberbank, 26% - by Alfa-Bank.

The remaining five hundred banks earned a total of only 12 billion rubles.